View Full Version : Playerworld with my project's name

09-23-2004, 02:22 PM
Apparently, there is a playerworld that is using my old project name. Upon contacting Spark, I was informed that my acount was used to create it two days ago. Since I have not been able to get any further assistance, I decided to post in these forums, hoping to get advice from people previously experiencing similar problems.

Thank you.

I emailed spark about a PW that took my old projects name. HE asked for a link to the projects name. I gave it to him, said it was made by my account, 2 days ago. And havent heared a word back from him. These global's help only certain people and the rest of us and left to hang. It is unrfair to those of us who pay and get nothing in return but basicly a **** you.