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09-15-2004, 12:01 AM
Enjaku/Playerworld147 is hiring 1 NAT.

Here's the tryout application, no, we're not hiring anything else, except for maybe GFX. If you pm me when I'm non-afkish some time, I'll look over your app and warp you to the test level. Otherwise, AIM me at AtariTandy.

The Inventory, HP System, Movement System, and Basic GUI, along with a test sword, are completed. This server needs secondary scripts, like a leveling system, advanced tailor, etc.

1. Account/Nick
2. Time Zone
3. How long a day will you be on Graal?

4. Demonstrate your knowledge of triggeraction (clientside and serverside), callweapon, and selectedweapon in one script.
5. Create a simple movement system and experience system.
6. Debug the following script:

{ setplayerprop #c,Completed!;
setstring serverr.points,#t(0);
if(weaponfired) {
this.num = random(1,50);
say2 Name a number between 1 and 50 }

if(playerchats && #w == "HiLo") {
if(this.num != 0) {
this.player_num = #v(#c);
this.final_num = this.num-this.playernum; // how far away the user was
triggeraction serverside,#v(this.final_num);
say2 The number was #v(this.num);
this.num = 0;

09-15-2004, 02:34 AM
Nice application. I like how you're actually testing the knowledge of their scripting capabilites and not asking them to just send you some random NPC. Good idea and good luck finding an NAT! :)