View Full Version : Read Before Posting: Rules/Guidelines to follow Updated 1-20-07

08-18-2004, 05:53 AM
Updated rules and guidelines: http://forums.graalonline.com/forums/announcement.php?f=113.

Since none have been written yet, i've decided to take the time to write up some basic guidelines and rules everyone shoudl read before posting and commenting to threads.

1. Before posting a New Thread
Anyone is welcome to talk about their PlayerWorld, whether it is currently online, in development, private, or offline, but please be serious about your business. (Revised 7/30/06)
Please post some sort of media of the PlayerWorld in it's current state and provide good detailed information
You must be the person in charge of hiring, or manager of the server to post what is hiring and what are the details

Do NOT make a thread asking if a server is hiring, or offer your services. If a server is hiring they will post that they are. (Added at 1/3/05)
Make sure your thread is well written beforehand before posting. All threads must include the name of the server, what you are hiring for, expectations of the job, basic information about the sever, etc. If a thread is posted with just a few sentences, it will be closed and a moderator will ask you to rewrite it. After a minimum of two days notice, the thread will be deleted, even if a new thread is not yet posted. (1/20/07)

2. Replying to a thread.
Do not bash or ridicule a Player's or PlayerWorld's hard work.
Please speak your mind as you wish, but keep it G rated, if you see something you don't like, say it and think of a way it could be fixed. Help each other out!
Spamming, as in all forums is not tolerated. Please don't go off-topic or spam nonsense in this forum.

3. Contacting a Moderator
If someone sees a post that needs to be removed or edited, please mark it for moderation for quicker support
If you created a thread and wish to have it locked/closed just for viewing purposes, PM Me or another Moderator of this fourm, If we are not able to assist you, PM a SuperMod/Admin

Remember: A Moderator holds the right to close or delete a thread for any reason, even if it is not listed above here. These rules will be updated whenever they need to be. They should be easy for everyone to follow. Thank you for keeping the forums a convience for everyone. :)