View Full Version : Graal Errors to a Close..

08-11-2004, 01:06 AM
My graal when i'm playing I'll get a box that will read "Graal" at the top and it says an error has occurred and restart if the problem consists blah blah

Then my options are close and details...I can't be on graal KINGDOMS for more than 5-10 minutes...I usually last longer on Era and other servers.

Anyone got the quick fix?

I was thinking maybe more RAM and it would run better...idk

08-13-2004, 11:23 PM
Do to the nature of your error, sounds like Windows 98/ME.

1. Try reinstalling Graal (Clean out everything).
2. Run a Windows Update if step 1 doesn't work. Pay special attention to DirectX upgrades and service packs.

08-27-2004, 01:44 PM
I would agree there if you were actually using Windows ME.
All you need in Mellenium is to simple keep it updated....