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08-01-2004, 07:19 PM
On the last day of the seventh month (Saturday, July 31, 2004) Zormites endured an ordeal (scavenger hunt event) which began early in the day with an attack on the north-western shores of our graceful kingdom isle. The offenders, appearing to arise from some foreign sea, brought with them a powerful horde of unseemly beasts that tested the skill and perseverance of both mage and warrior alike. Every citizen was there to defend against this looming cloud of terror.

As the stench of evil was cleared by westerly winds and the last devilish monster was stilled by the mighty arm of Zormite, the victorious in battle arose to find strange and untold treasures lying all about on the field of battle. Huge, glistening pearls of various color, odd tokens that looked like religious symbols from some lost ancient civilisation, and the most disturbing of all... blackened organs of the beasts themselves, as if petrified to stone, lay perfect and undamaged on the ground before us. All these oddities were gathered up for later processing by the Ministry of Information.

Many hours later, the Dictatress, who fought with her comrades in the field, fell terribly ill - likely from some alien poison given off by these ungodly beasts. She slept feverishly in a delirium, calling randomly to her young daughter, Zanna, during brief moments of conciousness.

Young Zanna called the wisest men of the Republic to the aid of the Dictatress and it was determined a special tonic might restore her health. All of Zormite went in quest of the ingredients, which included some alchemy items, some food items, some weapon items, some gems and a letter containing a line of poetry as an introduction to the private sanctum of the Dictatress. Since she was so ill, the elders decided she would not accept the tonic, nor tokens from anyone she did not trust fully. Therefore the renderer of her medicinal healing must bear the bluest of blue hair, indicating a true and pure Zormitian heritage. This was sure to engage the full and quickest cooperation of the delirious Dictatress.

In the final test it was the sharp wit and skill of Archidafos Ruatha Vimes who brought full health back to the Dictatress, even after a day of battle, and whom the Dictatress promptly awarded a symbol of her deepest gratitude, a rare shield of Zormite. For her daughter Zanna Sagesun Archigos, who brought together the intelligent minds needed to bring about a full healing, the Dictatress bestowed the rare sceptre of Sorcery held in her own hand only moments before she fell so gravely ill. A scroll of rare enchantment was awarded to the Strategus Fitzwilliam Vimes, who it was said stood vigil outside the door that full night to ensure the safety of his Dictatress throughout the night.

Submitted by the Ministry of Information
Approved for publication and signed by

Wren Sagesun Archigos, Dictatress of the Zormite Republic
((Many thanks to Jagen, Hurumi and Aki for assistance and support))

08-07-2004, 08:30 AM
I guess.. congrats to the prize.. winner.. people.

Sounded like fun.

Matthew White
08-07-2004, 09:31 AM
(( can someone define "Scroll of rare enchantment?" .. an EA? lol ))