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06-20-2001, 04:40 AM
I don't know how many of you have tried this server but it's the King of lag (with a capital K). First of all, if you want to get ON the server you might as well walk to down Tim Hortons and grab a donut and you'll still be trying to get on. Now if you do manage to get on then it's laggier than Classic. Even when your sending a PM the letters have to load, and sometimes your character just plain freezes for no reason. I disconnected from Auroria and it totally tripped out my whole Graal, I couldn't even log onto Valikoria where there are hardly any people. So I sure hope that someone fixes that server, if it is fixable and until then I advise you NOT to go onto that server at all, unless you want your Graal to mess up.

06-20-2001, 04:49 AM
Yes, I had to restart my whole computer before I could log back into Graal 2001.

06-20-2001, 05:06 AM
It's not the server, its the computer etc.
We are working on fixing it

06-20-2001, 05:08 AM
It seems everytime Auroria has been put up, it leads to problems.

06-20-2001, 06:14 AM
It's only been up twice (this one is the second time) and the first time I couldn't log on period. I never saw more then 4 or 5 people online at one time

06-20-2001, 06:16 AM
its not even that good so lag or no lag I wouldnt play on it