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02-11-2004, 12:23 AM
Since i keep getting the same questions, i decided to post this map of our island:

1 - Castle: The lower floor featuring a bakery, a blacksmith and places to craft furniture and carpets
The upper floor Throneroom, barracks and royal chambers
2 - Samsuro: The Central town of Samurai, where the building flag salesman is living.
There are also a bakery, a blacksmith, a joinery, a wood- and a lumbermill and
the taylor shop of the old woman, who seems to lose her walking stick at least once a week ;)
3 - Farm: Away from the bigger towns, the farm consists of 3 fields, some wells, and a shop, wich is selling various seeds.
4 - Gojuryu: The town of our elder Hamada Shonagon Shoji, a place of merchants and craftsmen.
A ferry to the main island is visiting the Gojuryu dock every 10-20 minutes.
5 - Daifuzu: A Small village on a mountain, where the empress' family lives.
6 - Kyoto: The coldest place of the whole island. Here you will only find a school and a church.
7 - Shugashi: Just a settlement with some smaller houses. There also lives an old merchant.
8 - Kamakura: The harbor-town, where you can also find a restaurant and the bamboo gardens.
9 - Forest: No one really knows much about this deep forest. Only a woodsman built his houses there.
Some people say, there is also the entrance to an ancient path wich leads under the island.
10- Kontai: Not many people come to this town, still it's known for its post office and the blacksmith.
11- Island: An outpost with a storeroom and barracks. There is also a lumber mill and a place to craft ships.
12- Kiso: Not long ago, some settlers founded the town Kiso west of Kontai.
13- Chikoku: The castle town created by former Shogun Zalinto Rahz. You will find a court, an embassy and a shop selling cannons.
14- Navy Tower: A new built tower to support the Samurai Navy.

1. Q: Where can i craft samurai shield?
A: Kontai

2. Q: Where can i craft sai?
A: Kyoto

3. Q: Where can i buy building flag?
A: Samsuro

I hope this will help answer most of your questions.
Shogun Hawk Zalinto (Kurenai Joukai)

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