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01-14-2004, 06:00 PM
Konnichiwa. I have taken the task of rebuilding the Kurenai Joukai naval fleet! This is a task that brings great honor to my name, so I will complete it to the best of my abilities for the glory of my Empress and my Kingdom.

First, I would like to say that with my increasing knowledge of the Japanese language and culture, I am beginning to adapt certain styles and words into my speech patterns. This includes the greeting I used today, 'konnichiwa,' which means hello or good afternoon.

Ship names have gone through several different naming styles in Japanese culture. For the most part, ships in their naval fleet are not named after people. This might seem strange to people who live in the US, where the ships are named after important leaders for the country.

I chose ten names for the ships I plan to build. Each of the names were used on Japanese naval vessels, in particular, during World War II. I've listed the names below, along with a translation and a little explanation for some that might not be obvious.

Akagi - "Red Castle" a volcano in the Kanto region
Kirishima - "Misty Island", a volcano
Hiei - "The Cold", a monastery near Kyoto
Hiryu - "Dragon Flying In Heaven"
Junyo - "Wandering Falcon"
Kinugasa - "Silk Parasol", a mountain
Yukaze - "Evening Wind"
Hatakaze - "Flag-flying Wind"
Shiranui - "Phosphorescent Foam"
Saiyen - "Help from a Distance"

The purpose of these vessels is to provide pride for the heritage that the Kurenai Joukai represents, and also to give us something a bit more unique for when we go to battle. Each ship will be equiped with supplies so it will be prepared in times of war.

Please, do not take these ships unless they are to be used during RP wars, or RP situations where kingdom leaders are taken to other kingdoms, and need an appropriate representation with the ship that takes them.

A suggested strategy for using these ships is to have one person pilot, and another person gun. The person who pilots might switch as a gunner sometimes as well. You can fire twice as many cannon balls from the same cannon if two people are firing at the same time.

The ships will be completed in about three days, along with all their supplies in place as well. I will also provide a minimum of four ships that can be taken at any time. I only ask the other ten ships remain in place, as they are to be honored and respected for what they will soon represent (I will write stories to be associated with each ship, it will explain some on the name of the ships and give some idea on the wars that the Kurenai Joukai have been involved with. This will all be with the approval of the Empress, however, as I wouldn't write something to take away from her ideal vision of her Kingdom).

01-14-2004, 11:30 PM
I remember the days when we used to make tons of ships and weapons. Then Ghost Pirate came by and stole some ships >:O

01-14-2004, 11:41 PM
Anyone renembers the bombing of the zormite fleet? hehe

01-15-2004, 06:47 PM
Anyone remember the destruction of the Pirate fleet? It was like... two weeks ago? x.x

Hey i like the meaning of the names :) Except for silk parasol - especially because parasol is french/latin for against sun o.o;