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01-13-2004, 05:21 AM
Have you been under stress because the power gamer inside of you says,Ē I MUST be the next Tec!"? Though Kingdoms is a materialistic world, with big numbers, I can offer you great ways to keep the spirit of playing inside you. We get stirred by people needing to level, when it becomes Ďennuií and we become weary of working; and in the end, leave to forget about it. What most people forget is that there is much more to the game than level up, IWD, EA, and bless. Many facets that have been overlooked, that could easily improve there experience.

So, before we start, please do three things.
1.) Become desperate, so youíll find my self-help essay much more helpful.
2.) Get your basic creation supplies (shovel, pickaxe, axe, et cetera).
3.) Learn that this is not disregarding platinum, itís disregarding leveling up.

So, now I suppose I may start.

1. Learn or become active in Role-playing.
While many venues will need some leveling up, it should not be an obsessive order. Role-playing on the other hand, will simply require you to learn role-playing and use your mind.

Role-playing on Kingdoms is something made easy. There are five kingdoms made for your enjoyment. You must first start looking for kingdoms that you may want to join. Each has a background and can most likely be researched through kingdom members. Join whichever matched the closets to your preferences.

Of course, itís not that easy. Each kingdom has its own guidelines and rules, but role-playing has a few set rules, understood by the total. There are OOC (Out of character) and IC (In character). To be out of your character, means to not be role-playing and is simply doing regular game mechanics; in character should be obvious. As stated above, each kingdom has its own persona and feeling, so you must become Ďau faití to their rulings.

E.g. Crescent pirates are pirates, so they will use a more sea-struck language. ďArrĒ and ďMatesĒ are just a few words that may be used in it. Learn your background so that you can be effectively role-playing and that makes YOU, your LEADER, and your COMRADES all happy.

Remember, you donít have to create a data sheet of your character, but try to have a back story. Also, ďI was born, grew, and joined.Ē Most likely wonít cut it.

Anyways, Role-playing isnít all about waging war. One of my favorite fields, diplomacy, is something that sets the fields. If you are weaker then most, and most likely are, become citizens and be spoken. If you plan to survive, you must make a show-worthy make. Help and create, and you will get far.

1. Become one of many creation activities.
Some may be wondering what I mean by ďcreation activities.Ē I mean FARMING, AGRICULTURE, FISHING, CRAFTING, or BAKING. Most would find this boring, but in a materialistic world, where people simply fight and sleep, these are most helpful, pass time greatly, and award you with pure platinum. Actually, now that Iíve become a curative priest only, I spend much time baking, farming and crafting, and itís worth it.

When you join one of these fields, not only do stats rise (albeit slowly), but you gain the upper hand. Most people ignore this, but furniture, food, and items all are needed. All of these supply that, and more.

There are two ways to use this: 1.) Use it for your own good; help your house, your friends, or make some useful items for your journey in Graal, or 2.) You may create items just to sell them for profit. Whether to men or NPC, you can easily make profit.

Farming: Farming is useful for profit and food. It can also help you in your role-playing crusade, by create fine meals. Raw materials sell for OK profit, but you donít want OK. This is why you must mass-market. Work diligently, and create many to get a great profit. Farming can also get you the food for your own pleasure.

Baking: While baking is a bit more specific, it is worthwhile. You can take raw materials and use them for great things, like sandwiches or plain bread. Bread supplies a good amount of hunger back (250 Ė 300), and who wouldnít like that. You also want to get cookeries to increase the prices. Cookeries wonít help you in the hunger department, but sales are higher than PLAIN BREAD.

Fishing: A relaxing sport, and interesting. You donít need anything, other than a rod, and it can be pretty fun. I admit, itís not the best money maker, but if youíre in a bind, you can make quick cash fast. You need fish for some more advanced fish recipes also, so thatís a plus.

Crafting: Ahh, thereís so many possibilities! Weapons can be your snuff, or you can craft furniture! You can build up your house, or you can create accessories. Itís a blast to see your seeds of work bear fruit, and thatís what this is. While mining is the tedious one, watching it bear fruit is enjoyable, and you can create good necessary items that people will pay for (because most are too lazy to run to the mines and stay for too long).

All in all, itís worth it. Iíve changed from fighting, to working the land and such, and itís a blast. Iíve been doing this for at least 40 hours, so it must not be too boring, or I just have a niche in item-making.

1. Get in the buy/sell market.
People have been making money off of buy/sell in many avenues: Stocks, Pawn shops, Retail outlets, and itís time common sense kicked in for Graalians.

Nappa, a member of our forums and Graal, used he insight of markets to make over 300 diamonds in actual profit! It all had to do with the market, and if you can work it to your advantage. I cannot totally help you with this, but there are a few things you can do.

Find something that will get you a good 50-100 platinum. In todayís world, it isnít much, but business will pick up. You must simply make your money so you can buy. Secondly, find a niche market, like tomes, diamonds, IWD scrolls, scrolls in general Ė itís your choice.

Buy your stock at a slower price, and simply sell for retail or slightly higher, but not so much that it insults the bargain hunter (haha). Keep doing this to gain more money. This does involve profit, but the chance of that happening is low. You must simply take precautions.

Never bring 100% of your stock. Itís unwise, especially if the buyer is much higher level. While even peaceful mode will save you, there are sometimes glitches which can make or break you; and thatís not the best thing to happen, and will most like lead you to leave.

Never sell while in Battle-mode. Itís stupid, as there will always be someone bigger and faster than you. Youíll be killed, and lose some money or stock, and that is frustrating (believe me, Iíve been on the shaft of a stick before).

4. Become a Social Bug!
I can tell you now. Learn you some better grammar and typing. No one likes talking to someone like, ďI do u sed? Im havng troble.Ē Also, you might not be the most accepted at first. Weíre assuming you are not the highest leveled, or the richest graalian. Most are still in their shells, wanting to return to leveling. Direct them to my corner, or take the more through approach. Become more likeable.

Donít go for the favors or options; if you followed the path of crafting, give them items they need, and you can have a quick friend. Iím not trying to turn people into items, but the more the merrier.

Remember, you must be less argumentative also. Donít start preaching or starting debates, or at least not until your more than acquainted. This is personality, or charisma (ZING), so get with it.

Try talking to staff, admins, EMís, and anyone! Some may be busy, but admins are people too, and wouldnít mind a talk or too. Itís just meeting and greetings. As with real life, just saying ďhelloĒ or ďciaoĒ will not kill you, and improve amiable feelings.

So, I hope these will help you. These are most likely things you know. I MAY also add more thins as they come to me, but these options started this topic. If you have any comments, post in the thread or PM me. Thanks.

01-15-2004, 04:33 AM
I love you. :D This is pretty much how I play, except I use Alchemy a lot...

01-15-2004, 04:50 AM
Interesting post, I follow a few things here and there already though.

I am usually the cure-only priest in other MMORPGs. I didn't think it would really work out well in Kingdoms.

01-15-2004, 04:53 AM
Nice :P

01-15-2004, 06:33 PM
It's very nice :D

Except the part about becoming likeable; a huge percentage of the graalian population are complete gits that i wouldn't want to be pals with anyway (although im sure the feeling is mutual ;) ).

01-15-2004, 07:24 PM
Nice, wish this was there when a was a newbie - on the other hand a lot of the stuff you've spoken about here wasn't there neither.

I made a lot of money by selling dievil's feet.

01-16-2004, 07:36 AM
Originally posted by Qwert616
Interesting post, I follow a few things here and there already though.

I am usually the cure-only priest in other MMORPGs. I didn't think it would really work out well in Kingdoms.

Too bad you couldn't get exp for healing, casting stat spells, etc... of course it wouldn't be much, but with lots of casting and a large party you could still get a fair amount of exp.

01-16-2004, 07:39 AM
Originally posted by graaliholic

Too bad you couldn't get exp for healing, casting stat spells, etc... of course it wouldn't be much, but with lots of casting and a large party you could still get a fair amount of exp.

EXP for healing has been a wall in most MMORPGs. You could just sit with a friend and: *slash* *heal* *exp* *slash* *heal*...

01-18-2004, 04:43 PM
Good know some people liked it. Healing is the most generous thing to do, but I admit, that you will not get levels with it.

(Yes, many Graalians are as you say, "Gits." Still having friends doesn't hurt.)

02-13-2004, 03:39 PM
True True...
I love being low levels (Erm... I didn't restart 26x in 24 days for nothing! Haha...)

I can do all that, except Mining and Making nails. They are more of a pain, actually. Other then that, I always carry some shovel with me, mainly to dig up some corn/treeseeds...

My plan, really, is being a priest (They get a CHA bonus of +2), get some Marketing scroll, and then level up to about.. Erm... Level 10 (9 in Wisdom, 8 in Magic, about...), and then go mining, and those activities.

At level 10, your character is well set... Higher then that, and it's basically your items doing all the work.

I've attached the Class Stat bonuses (I got them through testing each one XP... As you can see, Barbarian is the least well off, however has a +3 +2 +3 top stats, so they are wanted.). Was useful to me! Erm... Yea, look at the ammount of times I restarted.

Well, I'm tired, I'll be off now!

EDIT: The order of the stats are Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Pow, Cha (in order from the game client... If I didn't get it right already.)