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03-24-2001, 12:59 PM
My Proposal to Become a (Police) Member
by †SilentBob†
People That Support Me
Yakuzo (Police)
Twiztid Juggalo
Tolarian (Police)
There are many times when I have been on graal and there was no member of Police online. Now, I believe the number of
Police graal should have, should be enough so that at any one time, there will be AT LEAST one Police officer online. By no means
am I here to complain, but to take action. What I can do for this cause is to ask you to allow me to become a Police officer.
What needs to change
Eventually If you higher enough people this "near perfect" graal2001 will happen, with there being one drastic change from
Graal Classic. This is the constant Newbie killing, and gelat (lol i mean gralat) stealing. I have been informed players cannot goto jail
for PKing. I am in no way a newbie, but I think players should be able to be jailed for harrasment, which is what I call PKing the same
person constantly. I also wish to halt gralat stealing, which is wrong, because in graal2001, gralat is MUCH more prescious (did I
spell that right?) and players have to work for it. It is not right for thieves to go around and take players gralat. There are other
servers where thieves are allowed, but it should not be exceptable in tis server. This is a server people pay for, and deserver the
best excperience they can get (by the way, the server is great, and I was astonsihed with the quality of the levels).
Why I would help this change
I realize you guys hiring me will not solve the problem, but it will bring us closer to this goal. And I think hiring me will be a great step
toward it. I have an extremely well knoledge of graal, and the players. I can tell who is lying in a given situation between to players, because I
know a lot of people on graal. I also will end this corrupt cop feeling about graal2k1, because I will take this job seriously, and not hesitate to
report a corrupt police officer. I definitley have the time to spend on graal, and I will not rest until the players are satisfied. I know I have the
ability to spend time on this, because last year, I used to stay up every weeknight playing graal until around 1am, which averaged me at least
2 hours a day. I had a lot of homework back then. I survived and I am still not tired of graal. I will be dedicated to this job and I would not
let you down.
Ok, so I am pretty sure I have covered just about everything in my mind in this proposal. I have added enough reasons, balanced wit
h just enough ass kissing. I guess this might be the part where I beg, but I have more dignity than that. I would appreciate it if you took time to
think about what I said, and before coming to any negative conclusions =( , consult with your fellow staff members. Ending on a positive note,
I have a good feeling about my chances of getting into Police, because I am dedicated and I believe I can do an outstanding job.
-Thanks for reading,
PS: I have a gold name and i am 100% Anti-PK =)