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12-11-2003, 10:16 PM
Well, i had a spare Ring of Fighting, and i knew a friend of mine could use it, so i was going to give it to him - but he had to RP for it ;o The man got informed that a ring craftsman was captured and braught of to the Haunted House. He came there to notice the craftsman had escaped - by using some of his rings- but couldn't pass the exit door. Also, he said, a great monster was after him - a monster he couldn't beat with his equipment - so he gave the ring to Ruatha, then ran off with the key Ruatha gave him. He made Ruatha promise him to defeat the monster though. Ruatha succeeded in that, and here are some screenshots of the battle.

12-11-2003, 10:17 PM
Second pic

12-11-2003, 10:17 PM
And the last.

12-12-2003, 12:00 AM
That was fun, and its a good example of what you can do to Roleplay...and for those of you who believe onscreen roleplaying doesnt work, this proves otherwise.

I find that the silly excuse that like "oh i miss half of what goes on =/" is rubbish, really. The only way you could miss it is if someone isnt roleplaying properly and they just post action after action without letting you respond at all, or if there are like 345904594 people onscreen, and for some silly reason you're interacting with every single one of them at that moment in time.

Also, i don't get why people would favour roleplaying in toguilds and PMs and stuff....what's the point in roleplaying on graal if you're not even going to make use of the tools on offer, such as real characters and appearances and backgrounds and scenery and objects and -other characters to interact with-? If all you want to do is roleplay through text, there are plenty of MUDs and chatrooms and stuff out there..or at least there were back in the days when i chatroom RPed.

Which leads me onto another thing...how to roleplay onscreen. I believe the best way is to take it in turns, to a certain extent. You post an action or some text, and then they post one in response to that. That's all there is to it, really. Oh, and like, speech and structure is part of it also. You can't just do like *runs 2 teh monkey and punchs it* you gotta do it properly, like, *Charges at the monkey, swinging his fist at it's face*. Also, you have to have generosity and responsibility.
What i mean by this is that it's just stupid, pointless and unnacceptable to act like a god and never take a hit. Sometimes you have to accept that they've struck you, and they have to do the same, otherwise you might as well just fight the normal way against a powerplayer, which is what the problem is right now.

I wouldnt say there should be a war, all these people complaining that things are boring need a slap in the face with a big fish and then need to start roleplaying more actively. THEN we'll think about wars. When we do start warring, i think the battle system should be a roleplay system. You pick a target before the battle starts, or else you get paired up with someone, and you all just roleplay a fight like me and Cyrin did today. Simple, fun and challenging! ^^