View Full Version : Shipyard gates

11-16-2003, 03:30 PM
I think this is a problem that could easily concern all kingdoms; it sure as hell does affect Zormite.

I'm getting a bit tired of carelessly people leaving the shipyard gates wide open for anyone to wander in and steal boats, without even thinking about whether he should close them or not.

We have tried enforcing the fact that the gates must be closed -at all times- but some people tend not to listen, and those who want to keep the rules in place can't always be there to enforce them. The only solution, i think, would be to have a little script added to the gates of each kingdom showing on one side of the gates the accountname (and possibly nickname or rank) of the last person to open the gates, and on the other side of the gates the accountname of the last person to close the gates.
This way, we can know what the fool who leaves the gates open is called, and call him up for punishment. Maybe like, if your name is up there on the opened side but not the closed side three times, then you get removed from zormite or -since that is a little harsh- there's a script in there that denies you the right to use the gates until your leader sees fit...

*staggers off and falls in a ditch*