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10-28-2003, 02:05 AM
Now, this is just a suggestion, and im not expecting it to be taken sereously...

But i'm sure you're all aware of the fact we have too many ranks and not enough members. I'd say the active member count would probably be around 20, at most if not spot on, and there are over 50 ranks; not including the National Archist party and the "other" category, however.
Now, i know all these new ministries and ranks that have been invented are pretty cool, and people worked hard on them, but are -all- of them really necessary?

It could be an idea to merge some of them. See, it seems to me that the biggest ministry is that of Arcane Arts. What we could do, is to chop up this ministry and feed it off to the other branches. So, with the Ministry of Naval Defence you would have a branch for the melee guys, and a branch for the water and wind elementalist mage guys. Then, for the MoD, you'd have the combatters and the Earth/Fire-using branches.

The ministry of Information is also quite big, and this could be shortened and fused with the ministry of Religion since they're both related to text, history, information, and all that jazz (plus they aren't linked to anything else, really -_-).

This suggestion could shorten our rank scheme out, making it a little more realistic and feasible. In reality, there are few ranks, with a few people at the top and many people filling up the lower ranks. If we have less ranks, it would be more RP-like and would be an incentive to do more work and more RPing since with some ranks being chopped off, other ranks will have to do their old job and so people will have more to do RP-wise.

Tell me what you think of my unoriginal and unhelpful idea :D

Now, back to doing the first of three english essays that i had to email in today X_X

11-04-2003, 08:57 PM
Parts of it are good, even great. Other bits though, don't make any sense. Especially with the mages in the different ministries :/ A Ministry of Religion doesn't make any sense. We don't have it nowadays, nor did we used to had it. I mean, the Church or whatever was a nation itself. Heck, Vatican City is its own nation. But it is strange seeing that the Ministry of Defense has got less ranks than 10, but on the contradictory, the Ministry of Arcane Arts and Information almost reach the 20 x.x

11-05-2003, 11:18 PM
The Ministries were originally intended to only have 4-5 ranks each for similar reasons outlined above. Advancement was to be achieved soley by merrit. This is with the exception of the "Other" category, which doesnt have any real sort of structure--but is more of just a place to put all the ranks which wouldnt fit anywhere else.

This is why I have such an issue with the Ministry of Arcane Arts.

Anyways, I dont think any such merging like Religion and Information should be done, they are NOT the same. I will attempt to give a basic rundown of my views.

Ministry of Defense
This is the branch of government under which all military branches are governed by and should fall under. Of course it originally only had a few "army" type ranks, but the system was just created did not have time to expand according to need. If it is the will of the people to have a Naval branch, it is still related to defense of the Republic, right? Why should it be granted independence? Whatever is placed here in this Ministry, if you all want to have multiple branches than that is fine, create sub-commander positions for each branch, but all would still answer to Zormite's Strategus, who is in the Dictator's Cabinet.

Ministry of Immigration
This branch plays a small but vital role. It is supposed to manage the civilian population, and handle immigration. Whatever has to do with that, should be placed in here.

Ministry of Religion
The Republic is ran by a Dictator, and according to the Constitution that position holds almost absolute power over how the country is ran. The Zormite Republic is supposed to enforce a State Religion, one which supports Zormite Ideology and is meant to help bulster a sense of nationalism. Think of it like the Catholic church in Medieval Europe. You had to conform to the ideology.

Ministry of Information
Think of this ministry like a Zormite CIA. This ministry controls what information is given to the population (yes you can say propoganda if you want), and it collects information regarding all relevent areas in order to secure Zormite independence and Stability.

Ministry of Arcane Arts
I figured this should be seperate from the ministry of Defense because it is not directly meant to be a military organization. Its more like a scientific research branch. Its focus is to advance knowledge of Arcane Arts (magic). From a roleplaying standpoint, it would make sense that such information would be valuable and would therefore have a level of secrecy, and so this branch researches in that area.

11-05-2003, 11:39 PM
Originally posted by LordZen
One condition of myself stepping down was that the Republic would be preserved and should follow its original intent/concepts. I would hope that Wren would stick to her promise to me and try to clean some of these Ministries up. :D
Else your loyal Cyrilin friends will revolt and make things right again >:] except for some little extra power, bwahaha (naw i wouldn't).

11-08-2003, 01:31 AM
Hehe cyrin. I've often wondered in the distant past, mostly on 2k1, whether RP revolts and overthrows and stuff was, or should be possible.

I dont think it ever was on 2k1, which was kinda sad as i remember from my days in dustari. I was like "Soooo....is Kamuii ever going to come back?" others: "Nope" Me: "...well...umm.....can we have a new king then?" others: "Nope" Me: "Ooookay...how about you let us pull the kingdom back together ourselves then?" Others: "Nope"
T'was a bit silly XD

the ZP here on GK is pretty cool though, except for the RP on GK is dead completely =/

Onscreen Roleplaying (No matter how easy it may be to "miss lines" - this is what turn-based RPing was created for =X) and toguild roleplaying should be manditory! XD