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Ok ive decided what the hell atleast half the people think it is a good Idea so ill do it. Here is a TXT of the BASIC info about the playerworld we do need staff since im not God and cannot do everything. BTW incase anyone takes my ideas I like to add this
to my post
Copyright Richard ohalloran 2001

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I would help but eh I dun wana

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Originally posted by Bhala
I would help but eh I dun wana
hheheheh =] what do you think of the idea though?

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I didnt look at the txt....only cuz it lost it formating when you uploaded it

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I should have just posted it then
I. Introduction
II. Story
III. Damage System
IIIII. Punishment
IIIIII. Credits

Legacy is a new world in which one can take part by ethier joining a kingdom or
creating one for your own. When you begin you start with no money so much find some
way of making it. Various ways include Joining Kingdoms, Working, Stealing, and many more.
Kingdoms and other player made areas are all Player built (most with touch-ups from our
stafF). In order to build somewhere you must first buy the land or find an empty claim.

In this land every child on his/her 14th birthday is considered an adult. They
must leave thier family's home in search of a kingdom to live in or a home. Thoose who do
not find a kingdom by the end of thier 14th birthday are doomed forever to remain a child.

Damage in Legacy is much different from that in other Graal Servers. Damage is not
measured by hearts or a "health bar" but, by the players status. In the corner of the screen
there is a small outline of a character as the player gets hurt in different ways it is
possible for him/her to break a bone, catch sick, or get hurt in many other ways. These
are indicated by the status box at the top right hand side of the screen. When hurt a player
may not be able to take part in certain activities. This injuries can all be healed though
by various ways. Some rare illness can only be healed by certain high kingdom leaders. Other
much simpilar pains may be healed by simple bed rest. Some may even require the hospital (
a midevil version of course).

Rping or Role Playing is 100% nessary. Thoose who wont RP are jailed. You must
stay in character whenever possible however, in PM's you dont need to. Also if you are in
a private room or need to talk to staff during the game use OOC: before what you type so
other players know you are talking about IRL items and not RPing.

Legacy follows the same rules all Graal servers do. No cheating,hacking,swearing,
harrasment, ect will be tolerated. If you are caught doing so you will be jailed.

We need more people's help please join up!