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09-13-2003, 10:18 PM
Well, today i and the rest of the present Cyrilin family made Cyrilin manor. It were two houses, surrounded by stone fences, a stone fortification in the center and a gate. When i logged on in one of the houses later and went out, it all was gone. Now, i'm positive it was a member of Zormite, sadly, because only members of your kingdom can destroy fences.

09-14-2003, 06:16 AM
I dont know anything about fences lol. But its also possible to use Earth to Dust spell isnt it?

Dunno..those will kill any fortifications in one hit tho.

Who all is in your family?

09-14-2003, 09:31 AM
Matin Cyrilin of (Zormite)
Hail Cyrilin of (Dustari)
Morpheus Cyrilin / Snakeandy7
Snake Cyrilin
There were more, but one quit, and another got another family (Haldir).

09-14-2003, 10:12 PM
Anyone can destroy fences, they just have to cast the spell Earth To Dust, or kick the fences till they die.