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08-21-2003, 07:35 PM
Okay, because certain things from the quests are a bit confusing, i'll explain this:
If you give the stockpiled items from the lord back to the person who gave you hints about its wereabouts, you'll get a special item. Here is what you get for what:
bomy lord horn - Merit Badge
mushroom lord spore - Magnifying Glass
rabbit lord tooth - Rabbit Tooth Charm
glok lord ectoplasm - Universal Solvent
Each of these, you can trade for something else. Most of the time these items are:
Merit Badge - Toy Cannon/Glass Sword
Magnifying Glass - Toy Cannon
Rabbit Tooth Charm - Silver Ear Rings
Universal Solvent - Walking Stick
Each of the now gained item, can be traded for another:
Toy Cannon - Shiny Key ;)
Walking Stick - Whatsit
Silver Ear Rings - Handkerchief / Carving
Now, you can do several things with these items:
Whatsit: make a Clockwork from this with several other items, gained trough escorting and mining.
Handkerchief / Carving: trade this for a Doohickey. The doohickey can be crafted into an icebox, if you also have other items, gained by mining/escorting/questing/spellcasting.

What to do with these new items? Here's the answer:
Icebox - trade this for a Gold Key
Clockwork - trade this for a Cukoo. Trade the Cukoo for a gold key.

Beware:This may seem easy, but it isn't!

Note:I (Felix "Cyrin Cyrilin" van Litsenburg), am not responsible for anything that has gone wrong because of this guide.