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07-11-2003, 03:51 AM
This is a thred where im posting the different events this is a cool thing as i hopefully will get a kingdom event tag...Stefan could you finish giving me forum mods to for samurai's forums so i can sticky and delete X_X. Any ways lets see here...
The Events:
Events July 10-17:
Best RP story contest:Awards first place quest item(s) as well as a promotion (high ranks will get promoted as well =D0
Best Samurai Fort contest:(team event) Awards 1st Team) Quest Items/valuable items/lord parts as well as promotion

Rules for RP: Must be orignal, if you have other family they must also be included in it and can either go to your past to present or past to joining samurai. The most creative and addicting will win
Consolation Prize: Yes
Rules for Fort building: No size determination (although small forts consiting of dimminuative forts wont be included) The person with most points wins:
Point system:
Creativity:25 points
Gate: +/- : 5 points
Over all structure appearence (eye candy): 50 points
No gaps: 20 points
RP story (bonus): +5 points

Partial credit is avalible on: Creativity and Overall appearence

Consolation prizes are avalible on both

07-11-2003, 05:30 AM
Finally some type of event being coordinated.