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06-12-2001, 12:27 PM
Hey everyone. =/ Well Mystic Lands is coming up soon. Right now it's just a demo. This server is huge and we only have about 38 levels! Why you ask is it so bit but so little levels? Well I hope ya did cuz Im gonna tell ya why. In each level is a custom NPC. Some have 1. Some have 10. It just depends. Right now I am working on a playground. I already have the slides done. I am working on the swingset right now. I dunno how to make a sandbox thoguh. Anyone got n e ideas? O yea sorry but the server has to be p2p.
:( Yea it does :( we have to have the overworld NPC server on to control some of the NPCs and of course, the bomys. Please visit the sevrer (already approved by Stefan and he said he'd put it up) so visit and I'm gonna hold a contest to win the 1st bomy! Maybe tomorrow! :eek: Anyway, cya! Remember the sandbox tho.

Also, if you think you are extremely talented at scripting OR level makin (I make graphics so we don't need GFX Admins) email me at

[email protected]

Ne0Night "Ne0Nyght"