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06-12-2001, 10:41 AM
From: Gavil


Since I cannot post on here, I have asked Nai to make topics about Londa.

Here is are story -

In the lands of peace, the land of Londa,
there lived a boy named Kelek. He was young,
but, he seeked magical powers. One dark
day, Kelek seemed to have dissapeared. He
was nowhere to be found and there was no
trace of where he was. The years have gone
by as the people forgot about Kelek. Except,
You. You get a flashback of the dissapearence
of Kelek. You decide you will go find him. That
is your quest. To find Kelek.

For hiring -

We are looking for Level Makers right now. We
are also looking for GFX makers that can be
very useful to make great Zelda-Style Weapons
such as GFX for special Swords, Items like Potions,
and other items. For easy to read stuff, read the
following -

Level Makers -
Most will get RCs, some FTP such as Level Admin
and Asst. Level Admin. --

Send 3 levels of yours in a ZIP to me at;
[email protected]

GFX Makers -
Some will get RC. Some FTP. --

Send 2 GFX of yours in a ZIP to me;
[email protected]

NPC Scripters -
Some RC, blah blah blah...--

Send 1 NPC of yours to;
[email protected]

Thank You -
Gavil (Founder)