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06-11-2001, 02:36 AM
-=[Playerworld Review: Faheria]=-

note: Shadrock asked me for my personal opinion about Faheria and to make this review ^_^x and grammar errors aren't my fault! I'm Québécois for god's sake! I can't even speak english since it goes out all wrong lol!

Old Faheria, this PW was the first P2P PW after Graal 2001. The only reason they did not have a lot of success was because players were having fun on Graal 2001 and many were still with the free accounts. The world was great, lots of details, although many levels (inside levels) like houses and casino weren't done, it was a great world with almost no PK and the quests were just incredible, i've encountered only 2 glitches throughout the entire quests and adventures. This was the #1 Adventure PW in my opinion.

Alpha Faheria, Faheria's team removed all levels and decided to completely restart and this is the first PW i see doing an even better job then the old version of their PW, the levels are empty for now but it's under construction so we can't really complain about this =P Of course there is still A LOT of work to do and from what i've seen yet, I don't think any new PW stands a chance against Faheria except for Providence and everyone heard it's good, but we'll see if it's true if it ever appears in that server list! After giving my opinion, you probably want to know what things make Faheria so special well here are the things i know so far:

Gralats - They made their own gralats system and different graphics too! Green is now light green, Blue is now a multi-colored gralat, red is darker i think and gold gralat is a sack of gold with little gold sparkles around it =)

Boxing - It's a small thing but it's cool =) There's also a spar arena just north of the boxing cave.

Skate Board Park - For now it's only a simple board but TB3 is working on making tricks with the skate board and he'll probably make better skate parks too, you can design your own graal skate board, just go on Faheria to get the template.

Scubba Diving - I love this one! You can also access hidden areas (not online yet, heh) by diving in special places like that circle of stone in on of the levels. Scuba Diving is great for making money! Or will be once Neo-Faheria is completed

Rope climbing, slides, holes in the ground - If you see a rope on a mountain, don't climb it yet! There is a glitch when switching level = (. The Slides, it's not that great but it's for fun. Near those slides there's a place that will make you go under the ground and you'll get out on the mountain to go slide again! This script is very nice since it could be used to make a gigantic maze!

Chi Pets - Yep, unlike every other PW (except TOT) Faheria have their own kind of pets called Chi. They are cute looking but aren't available as pets yet. I'll get one once they are available ;)

Lost House - Well, the house isn't exactly lost but i always forget where it is exactly, so i'm the lost one here =\ anyways, near the spar arena (i think) there's a house. Go inside to test a few things like the hole in the ground, a working rope climbing and there will probably be other things soon.

THE ULTIMATE TEST BED!! - TB3's lair can be found by entering what looks like a well with stairs on it hehe. Enter this place and you'll be amazed by the special effects and other things he does, many things were sealed off though like their new start level with the planets, stars and comets moving as if you were wandering in space = ) VERY COOL.

Gravity - I remember getting warped to an underwater place that had a gravity script but it was removed because some dumb ass got access to TB3's script and gave it to everyone that was online when it happened. Too bad, it was great =\ with those Underwater bombs. "sigh"

I forgot - I also got warped to a place with tanks and i forgot what this place was for but i think it will be a war game with bunkers, tanks, missles, that would be cool ^_^x but i forgot so i'm not sure.

Space Ship Game - NOW THAT IS SOMETHING THAT I'D LIKE TO TRY AGAIN! =D your that little space ship and meteors are flying through the screen but it was only a test. AND IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TB3 told me something else but he doesn't want me to reveal it yet!!!!!!!

I give ALPHA Faheria a 9/10 =D I can't give 10 since the levels aren't the best looking ones for now = \

Well this was MY review! If you want to see all those things on Faheria, wait for it to be back online and I'll be your tour guide ^_^x I'm Silver (FAQ Chief)

06-11-2001, 04:31 AM
TB3 had to say:

the ropes are fixed and the ship can be dived too soon =P
Newer testbed with more levels More control options some better npcs and
shorter scripts New RC Shoes and Gp type weapons that i made personaly
and the script is the shortest it could ever be it can get no shorter hehe