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05-10-2003, 01:06 AM
This is the diary of Rahz, not written by his conscious self but by a presence that knows him best. The documentation herein dictates the life story of Rahz Zalinto. Zalinto's early
past is classified information. However the more recent past is open to the public and to say the least quite interesting. He had been residing in the kingdom of Zormite for quite some time
living a rather isolated life. His business there we can’t be sure; however he soon came from the dark and established, well a clan of naval bandits you might say, called the Sea Tyrants. They
traveled to “main island” where the sea tyrants took care of their evil business of patrolling the main docks, and destroying any attempts of others gaining naval power. The Shogun of
Bakugun at the time Dashio, Realized the potential Mr. Zalinto had to offer.
It was not too long before the new Navy Admiral Zalinto Rahz of Bakugun had engaged in his first war versus the Dustari kingdom. Sure Dustari had been harassing the kingdom
of Bakugun for quite some time, and even threatened to kill the Empress, but that was the least of Rahz’s concerns. His eyes glowed fiery red as he would walk through the peaceful streets of
Dustari. Happily they pranced about as if they were mindless little pixies. Rahz could no longer stand the visions. The constant dark FLAME of hate he had learned in his early past had far
from left him. That flame became more apparent the day of his first battle than any day prior. Rahz broke his ship away from the fleet of many, into a strong fog. There he slay his fellow
Bakugun unknown to anyone, untill now and replaced their souls with that of the demon kind.
Shogun Dashio was fending…not so well against the Dustari “hoard” when Rahz’s ship pulled in on the northern dock of Dustari Island or should I say… on it, Crushing it, taking
a number of Dustari and Bakgun warriors alike. Rahz, and his possessed warriors Shobre Len, and Nitsua Kameyko leaped from the boat and literally unleashed a living hell on the nearby village. Rahz
lifted two arms into the air and flames Burst from the air itself in an aura about him! Who would have thought the Bakugun army would sink so low as to burning an entire village of
The Dustari king had immediately ordered all , civilians and soldiers alike to retreat to the castle where they formed a near invincible Stronghold. Rahz’s desire to die attacking
that stronghold was so immense but…Something forming in the clouds diverted his attention to them. The symbol of balor formed in the sky above. It spoke no words but the message was
clear. Rahz was to die elsewhere.
In Bakugun Rank’s and political power were delivered upon Bravery in battle, and loyalty to the Shogunate. It seemed wherever Rahz went he was not alone. These other beings
dictated his actions. Time seemed to be one big blur, but Somehow Rahz was the center stage of the latest award ceremony. The new Prime Minister Rahz Zalinto knew what he was to do.
Seifukoukan Zalinto Rahz was a great speaker, or shall I say manipulator. He had succeeded in maintaing a sense of loyalty within Bakugun. The Kingdom had become a
compilation of mindless followers willing to die at the snap of his fingers. As Prime minister Rahz attended meetings with the Senate whom was given the responsibility of running the
kingdom in the Shoguns absence, which was to say the least all the time. Shogun Dashio was growing tired, sicker…and weaker.
War with the newly rising kingdom of Astri had come about. A time a little to hectic for an old man like Dashio. Soon he would die, and Rah….Empress would become leader of
Bakugun. What to do? Simple, kill her and…..the people will revolt..
The Great Loyal Empress. It was a cold night Rahz was staring into the woods nearby. A cold whisper pierced his heart with a message of pure brilliance! Frame the empress with
treason! Rahz entered his home on the East coast of Bakugun. His house was the only one on that side of the island. Only a possessed man would take such a long walk to his home willingly
every day. Shobre Len and Nitsua Kameyko awaited inside. They had also been informed of the plans…somehow. “Things have been taken care of sire” they said in an almost scary synchronized manner.
Nitsua Kameyko handed Rahz a letter forged perfectly in the empresses handwriting and her royal seal. “Deliver it” ordered Rahz as he handed the letter to Nitsua Kameyko. “consider it done” Nitsua Kameyko
exclaimed. “We have taken advantage of our holy possession on a great number of citizens for temporary witnesses to the empresses corruptness its only a matter of time” Shobre Len said almost
too quickly.
True it was, the Shogun had near already lost his mind and quickly banished the empress from the kingdom. It might have been his sickness that caused him to be so untrusting,
never the less he signed off his own death.
The next day Rahz got notice that the king of Astri had been eliminated and the head was delivered to him. He ordered the soldiers responsible for this great feat assemble at the
senate. There they engaged in a strange ritual. The blood of the king was to be wiped on all their brow. A whisper then penetrated the skulls of all twenty-two men. That same whisper that
Rahz knows all to well.Sure enough a creature arose from the ground, hideous at first , slowly transforming into the image of
a beautifull woman. "Ling Mai, your wife" the whisper informed Rahz.
Never alerting Shogun dashio of their victory rahz convinced Shogun Dashio that his presence was needed at the next battle with astir, despite his illness Dashios will and honor
brought him to his dying place. Upon waiting for the royal ship the men circled Dashio as Rahz Delivered a fatal blow with his Flaming Sword. Dashios head rolled into the Bakugun Sea.
The Shogun has a new name. Shogun Zalinto Rahz of Bakugun! Presently Bakugun is a kingdom built on war. The churches have been torn down and replaced with alters of the
great Balor accompanied by shrines of Zalinto. The Zalinto Family has spawned from hell itself. The Many children of Rahz are secretly born..or.. retrived from slimy cocoons off a ..sort of
plant one might say, that has grown massively in the lower levels of the Bakugun Castle.

All Zalinto are worshipers of Balor (RP wise)

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