View Full Version : stefan, wut have you done???

06-08-2001, 12:09 PM
:) look wut you did :)
now that you mentioned how good and superior our weapons, you've revealed our top secret stuff to the public! no!!!! wut have you done stefan? wut have you done?!?!?! lol

(I'm the CoOwner :) )

ps: you'll love it when we script the baddie in my signature

06-08-2001, 08:01 PM
Oh so your server is now merged with Faheria?
Does that mean your stuff will be added
to the Faheria server?

06-09-2001, 06:31 AM
no stefan....after a little discussion with Shadrock we "demerged" with them...main reason we merged is becaused i thought Murasamune was going no where, you seemed to like nothing to it and when i worked so hard on it and saw you liked nothing i figured there was no hope....but now that youve actually pointed out things which required alot of thinking and a little working to make, ive got a sudden boost of energy to once again try and make Murasamune great...i think i will do good now ive got alot of experiance (made basicly 3 servers now...)
im not gonna quit until Murasamune gets up, and becomes a great server, one that is fair and without corrupting, one where I will make sure the staff listens to the players, and help them (unlike lots of other servers...) because a players playing experiance is the TOP issue in making a good server...no matter the number of PMs, drop what you are doing and answer them
oh Stefan weve been working on a new map, the first town looks great, we are building indoors and a new story, and adding fun events like balloon pumping (which needs to be redesigned due to a small bug) and whack a mole, as well as events like who ever kills the most baddies first in either a time period, number of points, and a team setup....its also got very nice baddies like blobs, and plant enemies, along with animals used for hunting like pigs and deer...also a great feature in my opinion, the weapon system. Although stefan only pointed out the spear, we also have things like an axe, swallow, bow, broad sword....soon to come weapons: scythe, daggar, whip, mace
those are only the types of weapons, there will be many more, each will have its own special abilities and features...for instance a daggar might do less damage and lower defense, but make you go faster and be able to rapidly hit things, not to mention we will probably add elemental properties to things....
there is so much more we have planned, and i would go on for a while to say it all