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01-07-2003, 08:42 PM
I know it varies from Kingdom to Kingdom, but I am curious if there are very many standard RP conventions?

1) Most kingdoms have stated that no one should attack using the bell and unstick me or the ferry to arrive at an enemy castle. I imagine this is okay for defense though.

2) Only using Kingdom Mode for kingdom battles, self evident.

3) If you die in a Kingdom battle, you cannot rejoin the battle. I read on the Pirate's board this can get you demoted. I guess this is for both attackers and defenders?

4) In dungeons, someone once mentioned you should not wear the Kingdom Tag, because people aren't in dungeons to RP, but to lvl up. This I personally disagree with, because a Kingdom's armies are often called away to defend the homeland through toguild messages.

5) Ships were covered in another thread....

6) In toguilds, someone once used *makes fist* or something to give a visual to their text, and someone else told them to use ((makes fist)) instead. Sometimes people wrap a whole message in ((.....)) brackets - what are considered the proper uses of these?

7) Character conflicts like a lawful priest scamimg, etc or someone using two weapons blessed by different gods who hate each other. Is this considered out of character? I'm sure about scaming, but the second example is more vague.

I'm curious also what other people would like to add, what are your pet peeves?? What would you like everyone to do better?

Side thought.... Is it okay for a Kingdom to respond to a non-RP attack with an non-RP attack?

01-09-2003, 02:10 AM
Its important for me that members use their RP nicks when tags are on no matter what. I even require first and last names except for special cases where something less has good reason.

If i see "Sentry Ganki (Zormite)" i tell him to fix it, and whenever I see "Elder *Projectshifter (Zormite)" I ALWAYS get right on him about not using his rp nick, lol.

Another problem is how people treat members of other kingdoms while their tag is on. Even if you dont like people from various kingdoms, if that person is a member of an allied state, I have made it mandatory that those people are treated with respect while tag is on. Also, its not good to kill anybody if both people have their tag on, unless during a war. I've stated recently that neutral states should be treated with respect as well, and obviously I have let it slide a bit when dealing with members of enemy states. ;)