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12-31-2002, 04:16 PM
I would like some clarification on the RP rules as they apply to ships.

I imagine, going to a Kingdom and smashing up all the boats is on the don't-list, what is there more general rules?

Also, what is the etiquette around possibly abandoned ships-in-progress on the main island?

I wouldn't want to steal someone's ship-to-be, but sometimes a bunch of newbies just start a ship for fun and change their minds to off and grow corn or something.

Any other RP etiquette that people would like to mention (vent about) that don't apply to ships would be worth noting too.

12-31-2002, 05:38 PM
Going to another kingdom and smashing ships is DEFINATELY a don't, but it happens often due to non RP'ers.

The ships are tricky and bugs can affect battle, so if a bug gets say, another ships crewman stuck on board yours ina kingdom war, you pause the battle, help him get back on his ship, and start fighting again.

Boarding ships is tricky roleplaying from what I would use for ship boarding is- Get the opposing ship to quite a bit less % before you can board it (RPing) and then you ram it, and walk across to the other ship capturing or killing everyone on board, and then loot the cargo room.

Abandoned ships- If it's in an unpopulated area, and theres no one around for a long ways, I'd generally wait around for 30 secs to a min before taking and then take(you can also tell by it's health- ships decay naturally over time) Same wait type thing for a nearly finished ship hull.
If it's a kingdom ship you dont take at all

Ship's are a major part of invasion too. Using the bell is incorrect and violates RPing and voids the invasion, the invading Kingdom must either use the dungeon maze or a transport ship (NOT THE FERRY!!)

Also the kingdom ships should have a name too, the kingdom name is fine and suitable but it's better RPing to have designation for your ships. For expample Zormite uses Z.C.S. for a command ship, Z.N.S. for a regular ship, Z.T.S. for a transport, Z.F.S for a freighter and so on with logical acronyms
If your ship name is two words long, put quotes around it so it can be seen on the map correctly

There's more but I'd have to think about it for a while, usually when it comes up is the time you remember it :)