View Full Version : Protect Yourself

12-21-2002, 07:51 PM
Scammers plague the game. They are some of the unfortunate things that you need to deal with, but you can protect yourself. First of all, beware of any offer that is too good to be true. For instance someone offering to trade you a RoS for your Ring (+1 Speed) is obviously trying to scam you. Furthermore, scammer usually stick with a few basic techniques. The most common is the exuse not to use a secure trading system. The following are some excuses and what you should do in this situation.

Let's just drop the items, secure system takes tax
If a trader tells you this. Tell him to go to either Zormite or Astri markets with no tax. If they are indeed scammers they will just put you on ignore and drop it or try to continue their scam by claiming they are too slow to get there. In this case forget it, nothign this risky is worth it.

I don't have the money. But I will trade you a [insert rare item here] for it.
Ask to see the item on a market stand. They have no excuses for not doing this.

When I right click the item on a table, the stats don't show up for me. Must be a bug. Just drop it.
No real way to go about this, but this whole thing is a joke.

Also, follow these tips:
-always right click the ring in the trade window to make sure that it is what you want
-if someone suddenly comes up with a ring to trade with you out of nowhere, it is dangerous
-make a background check if you feel at all suspicious
-don't allow yourself to be pushed into making a deal, if someone is trying to get you do go through with a deal as fast as possible or with as little information as possible it is not worth it