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12-15-2002, 04:18 AM
Greetings, everyone. I'm sure that almost all of you have heard of Charlie quitting Dustari, for the reasons which can be found in his thread, stickied, of course. Well, I've decided that probably most of you don't know me, so I might as well make an introduction thread to introduce myself and my basic goals for Dustari. :)

Some basic background of myself for those of you who don't know me. I joined Dustari in September of last year-- I started as a Mayoral Assistant, Robin something. I forget the name. I've been in Dustari since basically when Charlie, then Henry Barbarossa, came over from Tyealia. Kamuii was King back then, and Xythar was Magistrate. I was in that position for two months, then I was promoted to Mayor, then changed to Treasurer due to "conflict". I was Treasurer until Kamuii tag-wiped, and then it was brought back. I joined as Sharpshooter. Well, that didn't exactly work out, and Kamuii was back as King very shortly. I became a Royal Scribe. At this juncture, Arwen was a Knight, Jeff was my assistant and Charles.. was around. I actually was as high as Prime Minister before I took a Graal hiatus for a while. I came back as an Advisor, then changed to Strategist. Charlie and I developed a working relationship. On 2002, he ran for King (not counting all inbetween-- check some old threads for that), and then he appointed me Prince.

I want to change a lot in Dustari, but keep a lot of it the same, if any of you understand my meaning. Our rank structure is really messed up right now, so Arwen and I are working on that. We've also decided that a policy of neutrality in most external affairs is going to work pretty well for us while we rebuild the government. Arwen and I are also considering a minor tag wipe to clear out inactive people + others. I won't surprise you with it-- I'll be sure to let you know when or how that happens. As of yet, we've decided to not appoint a Prince or new Princess yet. We'll most likely get to that shortly after we fix the ranking structure, so we can get a very good semblance of organization going. Right now, we're rather unorganized, though not to Charles' doing, so don't blame him.

I hope this little post just gives you an example (for everyone) of what myself and Arwen have in store for Dustari. Remember, if you have a problem or question, feel free to forum PM myself or her, or you can AIM me at Trek437. Thanks. :)

12-15-2002, 04:29 AM
^_^ I'm sad Charlie left, but I understand why. He couldn't get on, so Dustari was in a sort of a slum.

We'll work hard to get it all up and about, again!

12-15-2002, 04:32 AM
It wasn't exactly in a slum as much as it might have been hurting productivity. I still think Charlie might be the greatest ruler of Dustari simply because he brought it into a new era of 2002. It's sad to see him have to leave, so that's why I'm hoping myself, Arwen, Jeff, and everyone else can bring it into the new era. :\