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03-21-2001, 06:32 AM
Sorry but i had to get your attention ^_^. And i don't want to get in trouble for that ^_^ tell me if its ok. Heh well i just wanted to know how to make a npc that u shoot and it goes to another player like a homing device

03-21-2001, 07:40 AM

03-21-2001, 07:54 AM
message Now go away!;

03-21-2001, 08:00 AM
I recently submitted my house to the CGM server, which includes a store that sells a weapon called the Seek Shot. Originally created by Prozac, I made the thing work and I have permission to use it, but it sounds like just the thing you are looking for. The NPC will only target computer baddies, though, and not players, but maybe you could modify it a bit. If you want to look for it, look under "Lomgren" as the author, and "lomgrenhousefinal.zip" as the file on the public level submissions at graalclassic.com.

03-21-2001, 08:45 AM
Sorry, it looks like my house has been taken off of the public level submissions, so you can't look at it.

03-21-2001, 08:46 AM
Why not upload it, Lomgren?

03-21-2001, 06:35 PM
but when it fires off what does it shoot ball or arrow?

03-22-2001, 05:03 AM
It shoots a small ball which moves slowly, and it goes toward the computer baddy you targeted. I will go ahead and upload the NPC in a while, I have to get everything together for it.

03-22-2001, 06:40 AM
it there a way to make it shoot at another player online like another person like the one u r playing?