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12-02-2002, 11:43 AM
We the people have elected David e'Kieron as our Navy's Admiral.
David has instated me as the Vice Admiral, and the navy seems to be filling out good, when you require ship services ask one of us, if we don't have a ship at that time we'll try to make on, but if it's such a simple, simple trip you shouldnt force one to create a boat.

The Ship Prefixes are as follows

ZNCS = Zormite Naval Command Ship:
Admiral's ship, forms ship assaults and orders come from there

ZNS = Zormite Navy Ship:
The backbone of the fleet, can double as any of the below, mainly used for patrol

ZNF = Zormite Navy Freighter:
for bringing supplies to repair kingdom houses, etc

ZNT= Zormite Navy Transport:
What will land at enemy islands full of army during war, or other major transport purposes

Subtract N (except for command ship) and those are civillian Ships
David if there are any other important things please post

~ Vice Admiral Sebastion Aquataine (Zormite)

12-02-2002, 11:48 AM
No you got them all right

But all should know the Navy must authorize the release of any Non-Navy ship from Zormite.

It is the Admiral's or Vice Admiral's job to Authorize

~Admiral David e'Kieron~

12-02-2002, 12:24 PM
Oh thanks for telling me this. I, the emperor, was not aware of such a thing ;)
But I guess thats ok..