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11-30-2002, 04:01 PM
I made the rank structure in the kingdom GUI as best as possible, but there still are a few things that I must explain:

1) The Queen and Princess are under the Prince. This is not because I am a woman hater, but because if tried adding prince under queen, and went to add the letter "q" for queen, the menu closed. Must be a bug or something, or they didn't count on ranks beginning with Q. The royalty is all the same rank, they have all the same rights. (NOTE TO ROYALTY PLEASE DON'T MESS AROUND WITH PARENT RANKS PLEASE I TRIED REALLY HARD TO ORGANIZE IT :(((( )

2) The royalty rank is a buffer rank. There is noe one with the rank royalty, it just shows how everyone is below them.

3) For the citizen ranks, you may look at it and say "omg this sux liek I am messenger or I am wanderer and I get lowest rank not fair". I couldn't really organize them into ranks of power, but they are more organized as groups of similar jobs. For example, the ambassadors, merchants, priests and engineer ranks are all similar because they are white collar'ish jobs. The wanderer, chef and messenger ranks are all blue collar'ish jobs (if you don't know what white and blue collar jobs, are, white is business like, blue is more labor like). So don't get mad.

4) I added some ranks like Archduchess and Duchess and Lady which don't have anyone yet but I know will be used later

5) If your rights are screwed up or something, or your tag is messed, please tell me and I'll try and fix it. Same goes with rights that you may have lost.

The rank parent system is really cool, actually. Instead of me having to explain every single time what the ranks are, I can just tell someone to go look at the rank tree in the kingdom GUI and they can see how they match up compared to others as well as pick a rank for them (if they are newcomers). That's it for now.

11-30-2002, 04:11 PM
Yes I agree, its alot easier on me to just tell somebody to look at the rank structure rather then explain to them their options every time x.x