View Full Version : House Moving + Keys

11-25-2002, 03:29 AM
As many of you know, certain members of our kingdom can now move houses. If you want to have your house moved, please ask nicely. Don't get mad if we can't, as it takes up quite a lot of time sometimes.

We'll usually be happy to move your house a few spaces, to get rid of tile errors, etc.

We don't like to move houses long distances; it takes up a LOT of time. If you want you're house moved, you should have a good reason (I.E You just bought a house that's in a very bad spot, etc). Please make sure to tell us right where your house is and right where you want it to be.

Now, regarding keys. We can now make master keys for any house. If you need a master key made, please tell us why and have a good reason. And don't worry; royalty will NOT steal anything from your house. Don't be alarmed if you see 'House of (Royalty Name Here) on your house, just go in and it will be restored. Sometimes if mail gets delivered to the wrong house, etc. We'll need to make a key to get it out. We destroy the key right away.