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11-06-2002, 04:51 AM
I've been thinking about running an unofficial, OOC wargame. Read on:


20 people sign up at a time. Each player is given someone else's account name as a target. Player X, for example, gets Player Y's name. Player X must hunt down Player Y on Graal Kingdoms (no other server) and hit him with any weapon he chooses -- ranged, melee, or fists (no spells).

The target must actually be hit -- if peaceful is on, Player X should get a "failed" message above his head. Otherwise the HP bar should appear.

When Player Y is hit, he is considered "dead" and must give Player X the name of his target... so Player X goes hunting for Player Z.

When this happens, both Player X and Player Y must email me and let me know that Y died. If Y fails to let me know, he forfeits the game. Player X must tell me whose name he won from Y so that I know he's telling the truth.

You can't "kill" anyone other than your target, even if you hit them.

Costs and Prizes:

To sign up you give me 30 plat. I am the keeper of the names (and, for fairness' sake, will not be playing). No one else should know who anyone else's target is.

At the end of 28 days (4 weeks) after the game officially begins, the person with most kills gets 5 plat per player. The other 25 plat is given back to the players who obeyed the rules (it's a security deposit to discourage cheating). If you cheat, mainly by lying about a death, you lose all your money.

Try not to actually kill anyone, the stat loss sucks.

To sign up, email me at [email protected] instead of my regular address. This is a special address that I'm using only for the game.

Sound fun? :D We do it at college with water guns and SillyString. It's cool. :cool:

EDIT: Note that at 5 plat per player, and 20 players, you get 100 plat for winning. Ties are split equally. If anyone forfeits their money, I'll give other prizes (quickest kill, etc).

EDIT: DO NOT try this at school! DO NOT! You will be SO busted if you're caught running this game in a public learning environment! Think I'm joking? People get expelled in the US for writing about killing people, let alone acting it out! --Thought I'd warn you. :)