View Full Version : 10/19

10-20-2002, 06:18 AM
Sorry I didn't do this yesterday, had to study.

Dracken Axem - Aight, approved
UN Mafia - this belongs as a local guild, rejected
Dark Demons - Very, very lame but it meets my rules so in ya go
Perfect Alliance - you're stretching it but aight
UNA UKKA and UNN have 24 more hours to reply what their guild means before deletion
Xanadu - in ya go too
Pooky - a term of endearment heard occasionally on Married with Children, not a guild
Incantation of Evil - that's great, you're a guild not an npc. An incantation is a spell you speak not a group
Dahz - approved but somebody please tell me if this means something in german or something
Death Corps - Fine
Unworthy Angel - decent name but deleted because you had a blacklisted person as a supporter (RRRBBBSSS)
Lords of Amish - uhm no. And if you argue that you're amish I'm going to hit you -.-
DooM - a great shoot'em up game but no for guild
Silverblade - aight
Orion - okey dokey
Leone - family name I suppose, I'll allow it.