View Full Version : 10/15

10-16-2002, 03:23 AM
Blood Legend - passed
Heretic - passed
Inscents - what the heck? you mean Incense or what? Please make this guild something that makes sense
Graal Beauties - Enough of these wanna be (Hottie) (Cutie) etc things.
Flamable - not a group, also please do spellcheck before you try to make a guild if it's a non-original word name
******ok Knights - Rejected, nice name however it could easily be from that 6 letter thingy ;X MMO...yeah
Dark Jedi Gods - It's Star Wars, how many times do I need to tell you people no Star Wars allowed
Born to Kill - rejected, BTK = born to kill, guild copies not allowed
Sk8er - I don't think so
Spirit detectives - from yu yu hakasho or whatever
Westside Community - stop wasting my time
GeePee - stop trying to copy staff guilds -.-
Whatev3r - I think not, at least have the decency to fully spell out the word before infringing on my valuable time
Battle Toads - Believe it or not I remember that game
Valikorlia - is a server not a guild
Dark 1337 Dragoons - one of the dumbest things you can do is try to copy a guild the guild manager owns >;(
Artificial Eventer - Too much like ET

I'll do more once I finish my homework (around 10 or so central time)