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09-18-2002, 10:04 AM
Whenever you make something in the culdron it'll be unidentifyed, put it on the ground and say /use_skill alchemy to identify it (sometimes you won't be able to identify something, if you fail at first, don't waste your time trying it again). Also, don't waste your time and money trying recepies you heard from shady or unrelyable sources. So far the only one on the list is Porky (account name Pith), but over time there's sure to be more.

Quick cash
Ingredients- just about anything
Comments- place on ground (not in cauldron) and cast alchemy, will turn just about anything into gold as long as you have enough

Water of the Wise
Ingredients- 7 water
Comments- gives six food (one more than regular water) so don't waste your time if you're doing it for food, sells for a good price though, alot of recepies call for water of the wise, usually makes more than one

Balm of Asbestos
Ingredients- 1 water of the wise, 3 dragon scale
Comments- havn't tryed it out, i have yet to see a dragon scale

Water of Ruby
Ingredients- 1 water of the wise, 3 ruby
Comments- havn't tryed this one either, rubys are rare but they can be found ocasionaly (i'v only seen them in the unstick me shop)

Philosophical Salt
Ingredients- 7 pile of salt
Comments- if you find a recepie that calls for philosophical salt you can get some this way (and pay less), philosophical salt is expensive so you can also sell it for some good plats, usually makes more than one

Philosophical Oil
Ingredients- 7 bottle of mineral oil
Comments- philosophical oil is very expensive so you can get some this way for potion recepies, usually makes more than one so you can do use this recepie for making some profit as well

Philosophical Phosphorus
Ingredients- 7 pile of phosphorus
Comments- phosphorus is expensive, philosophical phosphorus is EXTREEMLY expensive, very good money can be gotten from this recepie

Philosophical Sulphur
Ingredients- 7 pile of sulphur
Comments- philosophical sulphur is worth about the same as philosophical salt

if you find any more recepies (which i know there are), please don't hesitate to post them

ok, i got some new recepies

Potion of Freezing
Ingredients- 1 water of sapphire, 1 ice para-elements residue
Comments- the only thing i know about this one is that it works, it has to because i read it in a lab book i got from a shop, first actual potion i know how to make

Water of Pearl
Ingredients- 1 water of the wise, 3 pearl
Comments- you don't make profit from this one (or water of ruby for that matter) but it's probably used to make some other potion

Water of Sapphire
Ingredients- 1 water of the wise, 3 sapphire
Comments- not sure if it works but it makes sence

The guy with the account name of anuK told me some false recepies, they are carrot, poisionous carrot, and diped apple. I guess that adds him to the unrelyable persons list.

::dose the woot dance::
i just got 3 more cookbooks, but i could only read one right now

Dust of Fright
Ingredients- 1 orc's heart, 1 water of the wise
Comments- anyone seen any orcs? if so post a reply telling everyone where

the other two lab notes were for potion of resist paralisys (this book is quite a bit beyond your comprehension :( ) and axe of slay undead :megaeek: [(this book is slightly beyond your comprehension) i didn't know alchemests were able to craft specialized items]

09-18-2002, 10:18 AM
oh ya, i forget to mention, you can find cookbooks (also known as formulays, and lab notes) and potion ingredients in any shop except the ovrepriced magicbook shop in that town by the sword

10-12-2002, 02:14 AM
Ian, if you remember correctly I know your "secret" recipe, the one you make all of your money off, dont worry though, you secret is safe w/ me.
Also, i got a new one
'Arrow of Frost'
imma keep dis snap secret till the stuff comes out, then ill sell the arrows for loads of plat, i am pretty sure they freeze the character or something.
also, does n t one know what arrow+1 do???
i cant seem to figure it out

10-26-2002, 08:48 PM
How do i make potions?

11-09-2002, 05:43 PM
recipe for mercury:
3 piles of cinnabar.

Don't make this recipe unless you need mercury, you loss alot of money making it :/