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08-31-2002, 05:51 PM
What is every1's RP history? How do i structure mine?
Im starting out and would like to know how to structure my RP history. Can i see sum examples?

08-31-2002, 05:56 PM
About RP History, regardless of the orgional story of 2k2 (bomys going mad, seprate islands, sperate thing altoghether) Will there be people and basic villages there beforehand?

09-02-2002, 02:11 PM
Well I came out of the sand.....kind like in the bible ya know.......

10-11-2002, 11:44 AM
Originally posted by Crovax_Dark_Lord
About RP History, regardless of the orgional story of 2k2 (bomys going mad, seprate islands, sperate thing altoghether) Will there be people and basic villages there beforehand?

Bomies going mad ..? Where can I see the story of 2k2? I'd like to know the history of it .. :o

10-11-2002, 11:08 PM
I'm gonna post this on my website eventually, so people can access it from my profile, but here's the draft I have now. I'll do smalltype so it doesn't take so much room...
RP profile
Version 1.0

Elven Citizen Aylad MacOdys of the (Forest)

Class: Alchemist
Alignment: Good

Aylad is an intelligent, wandering elf who is in tune with nature. Although he usually prefers to live a solitary life, holding himself apart from other people, Aylad has recently become intrigued with the changes taking place in the Graal Kingdoms. As a result, he is gradually emerging from his reclusive life in the wilderness and entering a more social lifestyle.

Aylad prefers to use brains over brawn. He practices simple alchemy as a means of earning platinum. Although he is familiar with some shamanistic/elemental magics, Aylad rarely uses anything more than simple alchemical incantations.

Despite being antisocial by nature, Aylad is often willing to guide those with less knowledge of the Graal Kingdoms. He feels guilty if he fails to help someone in need. Those who wish to take advantage of his helpfulness, however, more often find themselves talking to an empty room. Aylad is peaceful, chivalrous toward courteous ladies, and generally honest.

On the other hand, Aylad is also a bit opportunistic, and rarely hesitates to invoke the "finders keepers" rule. Beware if you leave a ship or valuable merchandise unguarded! If the rightful owner returns while Aylad is making his escape, the elf will freely return all (or most) of the things he "borrowed". But if he can escape unseen, Aylad will have no inhibitions about selling or using anything he gained while the owner was away...

Aylad is no merchant, but often has just the thing you're looking for. He will bargain with you, but his price is not set in stone and you may talk him down a bit. His travels allow him to collect many useful items, which more stationary people might not possess.

Little is known about Aylad's past. As a baby, the MacOdys clan, a family of forest druids, discovered him abandoned in the wilderness. Rescuing him from a Battle Potato, the druids took him home and raised him. When Aylad was still a young lad, a pack of marauding Evil Bomies and Smokies swept through the clan's homestead north of Tanarthia. Aylad was believed to be dead with the rest of his adopted family, but eventually was seen wandering along the outskirts of Palmaloma. Since then, the "forest hermit" has been seen ranging over several of the Graal Islands, making a scant living by selling items he collects or mixes in his cauldron. He sometimes sails from island to island, often giving rides to others of his kingdom (or from other kingdoms, for a price!).

10-12-2002, 12:32 AM
Originally posted by aylad
History:Rescuing him from a Battle Potato, the druids took him home and raised him.
Ah ha! Classic! Battle potatoe! hahahahahahahahaha err thats just funny to me... perhaps not to the rest of you but to me it is funny...

10-16-2002, 08:04 AM
Originally posted by Crovax_Dark_Lord

Ah ha! Classic! Battle potatoe! hahahahahahahahaha err thats just funny to me... perhaps not to the rest of you but to me it is funny...
Hmph. I WAS young at the time, you know. You were a toddler once, too, right?
Glad you like it. :D :D I'm still chuckling about the "pack of marauding evil bomies."

10-18-2002, 04:18 AM
= ) that was pretty good better then mine... O_O lol but still it looked as though you put some time into it = ) i think it is good. battle patotoes lol that was just kinda funny = D

10-18-2002, 07:20 AM
Gonmon and Gonbai Kitatchi
Ages: 17-18?
Birthplace: ?
Alignment: Michevious.
(there is no good and evil, only different points of view, unlesss you want to get into sadistics..which I wont)
Gonbai and Gonmon grew up without parental figures, roaming the streets for the essentials. food, and mischief. One day their adventures brought them from the island of Graal, to a new kingdom, Dustari (no hate. shutup and listen). Already being branded, and labeled as thieves, and scoundrels they were looking for a land where they could start again. Unfortunately, they were shortly after caught and were scheduled to be sent to one of dustari's prison colonies, which was far off at sea. On the fifth day of their grevious, and somewhat boring voiage, the ship was attacked by Pirates, belonging to the order of the then refered to Crescent Blade Pirates. Bloody filthsuckers, to the world outside, of course. While raiding the underdeck, they were spotted by then Captain, Girum Riveclaw. He freed the two youngsters from their cells shortly before the ship sank along with the soldiers, and brought them back to the Pirate's island.

To be continued....

10-18-2002, 10:33 AM
Well, I've got mine ready, but it's too long .. so I'll post it in two posts, kay? Comments on it are appreciated. :D

Brief History of Regnir Emulov Tesd'nah, Orc.

Very little is known of Regnir's past. Being an Orc, his memory is not very effective, and not many people knew of him until he decided to make himself known. He grew up on the island of the Forest Kingdom, separated from the society of the island. Probably raised by a nomadic Orcish group, he grew up to be a tough fighter, but was also very religious and prayed to the Orc God Balor often. He eventually became a Shaman of the Kingdom, a strong warrior priest. Through time, though, he began to become discontent with some others within the Kingdom, particularly his Orc Representative, who was not one to treat him well. After some time passed, Regnir's anger erupted, and he left the Kingdom, storming through the underground maze, slaying anything that drew near. He was no longer of the Forest.

Arriving finally at Graal Island, he felt refreshed by the warm sunlight. He wanted to start anew, and to seek out a better life. In wanting to break all bonds with the Forest, he threw down his enchanted Mace of Balor, and tore off his armour, seeking out the Altar of Brigid, Balor's divine enemy. Worshipping Brigid, the enemy of the Orc God, would finally and completely cut him off from his unpleasant past.

Upon arriving at the altar, Regnir bowed down and beseeched Brigid for belonging, and a better life. He frowned, thinking Brigid had ignored him. He stood, and prepared to walk away, disappointed. Just as he lifted his heel from the foot of the altar, he felt a sudden paralysis. Stunned both physically and mentally, he attempted to figure out what was happening. He feared that Balor was going to punish him for leaving him, but then as soon as it came, the thought vanished from his mind, and he felt total calm. His vision began to darken, and the last thing he saw before fading out was the most beautiful creature imaginable...

Waking up, Regnir tried to figure what had happened. He felt different, somehow. Looking upward, he saw the blanket of night look back to him. He gazed at the glow of the stars, and sighed. He felt that Brigid had let him down. He got back up, and began walking towards the nearby town of Tarnathia.

After a brief walk, the town, slightly lit, came into view. He headed towards the first lit building. He knocked on the door, and there was no answer. Impatient, he opened the door, unlocked, and walked in to find a large shop. In the back, a woman was placing some books on the tables. She wore a long red kimono robe, and a deep blue pointed hat. Regnir walked towards her, tired and slightly dazed. Hearing his footsteps, she glanced towards his way, smiling. Regnir seemed confused. Humans thought of Orcs as disgusting stupid beasts... ...why was she smiling at him, an Orc?

"Good evening, sir! A bit late for shopping, don't you think so?" She laughed softly, her eyes bright.
"Whaa .. what? Me .. ehrf .." Regnir grumbled, trying to speak, but it felt as though something was stopping him, making even a lone syllable a strain to get out. His vision began to blur, and he fell to the ground with a thud.

He woke up to the sound of a chirping bird flying by the window. What had happened? Where was he? He wanted to know what was going on. He opened his eyes, and found himself in a large, comfortable bed. His ragged clothes were hung over a nearby chair, and he was in some sort of robe. The robe was a creamy sort of white, and very smooth. It was a very light material, but Regnir was not cold. He was covered in a thick quilt, sewn with strange characters, some of which resembled familiar objects from the forest. Puzzled, confused, and even somewhat frightened, he jumped out of the bed and threw off the robe. He grabbed his clothes, hastily dressed, and walked towards the closed door of the bedroom. Right as he was about to open the door to exit, it flung open, hitting his head. He fell to the ground, grumbling loudly. As he hit the ground, he heard a shattering of glass and the clang of metal. He hopped up, opened the door fully, and saw on the ground the remnants of a meal. Surrounding the food was the broken glass and scattered silverware. Next to the mess sat the woman from the night before. She laughed, and looked into Regnir's eyes. No one had ever looked into his eyes. He was shocked, and took a step back.

"Are you all right? I didn't realize you were already up. I'm so sorry for hitting you!" She had begun to put the dropped breakfast back onto the reflective metal tray she had carried it on. Regnir knelt down, offering help. She nodded appreciatively. He picked up some of the silverware, and then realized something. His hands... ...they were not green! What had happened? He leaned over and looked into the tray, still mostly empty. He gasped upon seeing his face. He didn't even look like an Orc anymore. His ears were rounded, his eyes a shade of brown, his skin a light colour. He began to shake, frightened. What was happening to him? He was an Orc, not a human! Why did he look like one? He looked over to the woman, and spoke. "What .. what go... ...what is going on?" he shook again, and covered his mouth. What had he just said? That didn't sound like him.

"Well, you wandered into my shop last night, I suppose you've forgotten? Anyway, I took you back to my home right away. The well-being of another is much more important than money, of course! I've only one bed here, but you seemed to need it much more than did I! I hope you slept well?"

Regnir, still kneeling, stared at her. He phased out a bit, and tried to figure out why she made no reference to the fact that he was an Orc. Well, yes, was. Something had happened to change that fact.

"Why .. am I a human?" Regnir continued to stare at her, his vision becoming slurred by tears amassing in his eyes.

"Well, silly, I'd guess that's how you were born! Hey, don't cry. It's okay, this wasn't expensive dishware anyway!" She smiled at him yet again.

"This is not right... ...I am not supposed to be this!" Regnir bent over, his hands on the floor. He roared and jumped up. "I am not supposed to be a human!" he screamed.

"Whatever do you mean? Don't be silly! The gods don't make mistakes! You are meant to be what you are."

The word slapped him in the face. Gods. Why hadn't he figured this before? It began to come back to him. He had forgotten last night, but now it was all rushing back to his memory. Brigid .. could she have done this? Was this her way of improving his life?

"I understand it now. Thank you. I will finish with helping you clean, but then I must leave." He still was surprised at the way words flowed out of his mouth like a stream off a snowy peak. Now calm, he smiled to her. She looked at him, confused.

"Are you sure? Where will you go?" She seemed concerned.

"I will... ...find a place to stay. I've already caused enough trouble here."

"No, you've caused no trouble! In fact, I'm glad you came along. I love meeting new people, even if the circumstances are rather strange!" She began to smile.

"Oh... ...well, I guess that... ...to be honest, I don't have anywhere to go. Could you help me... ...find someplace to stay?" He lowered his head, ashamed to ask for even more from her.

"Yes! You're in luck, actually! I don't actually live here, this place is owned by my brother. I just visit every few months to see how things are on Graal Isle. I actually live within the Kingdom of Bakugun. Maybe I can find a place for you there! That is, unless your loyalties lie with another kingdom."

At hearing this, Regnir grunted. His loyalties were with no kingdom anymore. "I can go. I'm a wanderer, my loyalties lay only with myself." The woman smiled.

10-18-2002, 10:35 AM
It had been a few days since they left from the Tarnathian Port. The seas had been calm for most of the trip, and the crew seemed confident that the good weather would remain. Regnir was at the back of the boat, staring into the surf. The woman, now wearing much lighter attire, walked to his right side and put her arm around him. He jumped, and looked to see what that touch was. He calmed a bit when he saw who it was.

"Hello! Beautiful, the ocean, isn't it?" Her smile was enhanced by the brightness of the day.

"Yes... ...I guess that it is." Regnir looked to be deep in thought, and his words were not much more than a mumble.

The woman look at Regnir and laughed. "You know, I never did tell you my name, Reggie!" When he had told her his name, she laughed, and nicknamed him Reggie. "Whether you want to know it or not, I'm going to tell you!"

"That's fine with--"

"Tsauchi!" She bursted out. Regnir jumped back a bit, not expecting her to cut off his sentence.

"Nice to meet you Tsauchi. My name is Reggie T." He laughed, and she joined him.

"Well Mr. T, I'm going to go talk to the captain, and see when we'll be pulling into port!" She giggled, and walked towards the other end of the boat.

After riding the sea for a few hours (and after dealing with a brief confrontation with the Crescent Pirates), the island of Tsauchi's Kingdom was finally in view. The boat pulled into port, and everyone got off, everyone but Regnir, who remained on the boat, staring blindly towards the ocean. Tsauchi ran back onto the boat. "What are doing here? We're at the island!"

"Sorry. I just don't know if this is right for me. I used to be part of--" Again, he was cut off.

"Don't be silly! You're here for a reason. Your destiny awaits!" She laughed at her seemingly profound statement.

"You're right. Let's go." Regnir smiled. The sun was beginning to set. Reggie and Tsauchi walked towards the towering castle up ahead, a bright grin on each of their faces.

Upon meeting the Shogun, Denryuu Dashio, Regnir was appointed a Daitoku. Using the power of Brigid and magic, he grew stronger each day, but not without the help of others of the Kingdom. Regnir and Tsauchi spent time together every so often, but what eventually becomes of their friendship will remain unsaid.

This story is an ongoing one. There is not an end to it, at least not yet. Each day Regnir grows more powerful, and each day he prays to Brigid, thanking her for this new and wonderful life she blessed him with.

I hope you liked it. :) You can find me on GK as Daitoku Tesd'nah Regnir (Bakugun). :cool:

10-18-2002, 01:35 PM
O.o I thought mine was long... but mine doesn't contain large streams of dialogue... Short redition of mine: I become paladin... all bow down before my never ending corruption in the face of Bile...
/edit You fall down alot in your history...

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Originally posted by Locke_boy .... everything he said

Wow! That is a really good one, hmmm I need to work on mine some and post it up here ^.^! ::claps::

10-18-2002, 11:53 PM
My Character's story:

I never knew them, however the choice they made was probably the most difficult decision of their lives. For what they gave me was a chance, a chance to have a wonderful life... One without corruption or poverty... A life born from faith. Who are they? That is the question I may never be able to answer, however I still hold them in my heart for giving me life. Yes, they are my parents, the ones who brought me into this world and gave me breath, and with the same essence left me inside an old monestary. Yet, I have made a new family, one with my kingdom--Bakugun...

--Shugenja Chibikko Taitesu

Raised in a monestary through his early life, young Chibikko Taitesu began to discover hidden powers that nobody could explain. This power was not a gift from Goddess, no this was a power with a more unexplainable origin. His power came... from inside!

At age ten, he accidentally set fire to a small farm. People began to worry if this was an omen of something terrible to come. However, the Monestary of Brigid denied their accusations and protected "Chibi".

As the years passed, Chibi began to study all types of magic, as if it was part of his destiny. Then one day he went on a pilgrimage, to ask Brigid for some assistance in finding his true path. Gone for over a year, when he returned, he found his home village being attacked! He tried casting every spell he knew, yet this force seemed to have immunities to magic! This legion of minions drew from the depths of the underground, as if something had pushed them out of their sprawling den.

This is the climax of his life, the point where he cast aside his faith for his country...

Looking towards the dead body of the town's guard, he saw a katana, a weapon that was shunned in the very teachings of his Goddess... Yet he drew the weapon and slayed every last fiend in sight. The power that drew through him was gone as quickly as it came, and he then he collapsed.

Voices echoed through his head--screams, whispers, taunts, cries... They all became as a wave crashing down. Then silence...

"Meow!" Light began to shine through his eyelids. It was morning, and he had been asleep through the night. "Mrow", he looked to see a cat sitting on the ground. As he looked past the cat he saw everything in ruin, and bodies slewn everywhere. The monestary burned to ashes, houses still burning, the corpses of peasants as they tried to flee... There was nothing left for him to return to.

"How could this happen, why, of all things WHY!??" He then looked at his hands... they were more like claws. Startled, he scrambled to his feet. "What?" Then he looked towards sheet of metal, he saw in the reflection a fox. (had Brigid done this to me to make me remember who I was?)

Walking around pondering, he saw a shovel... He decided to spend the entire day digging graves for everyone who had died. Then chissled on a large stone "Here lies the family I knew... -- Chibi". Packed up his things, took a swig of saké and headed for the castle to become a Shugenja.

10-19-2002, 12:40 AM
Originally posted by TerrorBite
My Character's story: ...

:: sniffles :: That is so sad! Your home .. gone! :: holds back tears :: Very well written. :o

10-19-2002, 02:38 PM
Meh... mines better... I'm one of the few that aren't orphans... Not gonna post it, its a work in progress ;)

10-20-2002, 10:32 AM
Originally posted by Crovax_Dark_Lord
Meh... mines better... I'm one of the few that aren't orphans... Not gonna post it, its a work in progress ;)

I'm not an orphan .. I was an Orc, and Orcs are stupid. How do you expect an Orc to remember much past five minutes ago? :: laughs :: :D