View Full Version : Tournament: Dates and Times

08-20-2002, 02:07 PM
NOTE: All the names are accountnames of the participants in the tournament.

Albus777 vs Ryuzix at 5:30 PM Eastern, today (August 20) -Albus777 won since Ryuzix did not show.
konidias vs freddyfox at 8:30 Eastern (August 20) -konidias won because freddyfox forfeits.
warp2ukew vs Romeo2k at 8:30 PM Eastern (August 20) -Neither of them showed...
Jourdan vs WildArms_2k1 at 9:00 PM Eastern (August 20) -Jourdan has won.

Megamaniac vs Hawk64 at 8:15 PM Eastern (August 22)
JonnyB504 vs Ghost Pirate at 8:30 PM Eastern (August 22)
jhparadox vs funnylinkwantsbomys at 9:00 PM Eastern (August 22)
Dude6252000 vs LordZen at 9:20 PM Eastern (August 22)