View Full Version : A little bit different. (READ IF YOU WERE IN TOURNAMENT).

08-19-2002, 02:55 PM
Well unixmad has left for London and he will be back Friday. As he left he put me in charge of the tournament and we talked about how it should be run (Angel, unixmad and I). Instead of teams it will be 1 vs 1 matches. Please re-sign up and when you do put [W] after your nick if you are a Warrior/Barbarian/Thief and put a [M] after your nick if you are a Sorcerer/Alchemist/Priest. The matches this week will consist of weapon users only, next week it will be magic users only and in the end there will be one magic user winner and one weapon user winner. So please read this before re-signing up. Angel and I will be editing the rules a bit and we hope you enjoy the new tournament rules. Also please only [W] sign up this week. Next week we will allow [M] to sign up. Thankyou.