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08-17-2002, 09:06 AM
Now that Graal 2002 is starting to look somewhat like an RPG, I think it would be a good idea to take RP one step further.

To talk to another player privately, a player should need to walk up to the player.

Once the player touches the other player, or hits a key to talk (you figure something out.), a dialog pops up for each player giving an introduction paragraph. For example, if there were a stat called "Presence" and the player you were talking to were high in "presence" you would recive an introduction paragraph such as:

You are awe strucken by ________'s magestic beauty, you feel as if you would do anything he asks of you...

Yes, I know that's lame, but it's just an example. Then once you hit a key it would turn into a chat window where you could talk to each other.

Another part of this would be to make options to "rob" or "attack" or even "run away and hide" stuff like that. This would also be how you would buy/sell/trade goods with other players, or even heal them if you are of a race/class with such powers.

Keep in mind that this is not intended to REPLACE curent chating seen by everyone, it is simply a system designed for RP conversation, for normal talking, as you would do in a crowd of people, you would chat normaly. The normal playerchat would appear in a speach bubble that is semi-transparent and scaleable (i sugested the speach bubble thing before in this form, look it up for more info.)

I havent been on 2002 in over a month so I might be sugesting something thats alredy been done, but I doubt it.

I think this would make RP go alot smoother and much more enjoyable on Graal. There are many "stats" that players have that SHOULD effect the preception of that player when interacting with other players, right now thats simply non-exsistant. A good example of one stat other players should be made aware of when talking to another player is "Intimidation".

I'm not sure if you want Graal to work like this, but it's how I would make an RPG work if I were attempting to do what Graal is.

Ray :)

08-20-2002, 07:34 AM
*cough* questions, thoughts, comments... ?

Ray :o