View Full Version : Peaceful Mode

08-12-2002, 12:13 AM
I think that Peaceful mode should be taken off. its like the same on all server. Peaceful mode is just like pausing. If this is an rp server then why should you be able to pause? there are thieves that kill you, killer barbarians, warrior sorcerers and priests. People should be ready for the unexpected.

08-12-2002, 12:20 AM
Heh well even if they do they can't sit around TOO long due to the rapid food consumption rate.

08-12-2002, 01:27 AM
still though it sux

08-12-2002, 06:24 AM
I don't know, its more fun to kill animals/monsters with a party, or to fight on battleground (which we will add soon)

08-13-2002, 01:09 AM
Yea it is.
its fun attack a large group WITH a large group what isnt fun is casting a spell to kill the monsters when ::poof:: bye bye whole group
Thanks and Good Morning