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Magic System


Two broad categories of magic exist in Graal2002: "wizardry" and "divine magic." The
fundamental difference between the two comes down to the source that powers the magic of

In divine magic the practitioners, "priests," do not use their own power but rather channel power
from divine entities ("gods.") They utilize various "prayers" to cast their magic and grace is the
measure of how much magic the priest may channel. The higher the level of the priest and the
better his wisdom and power, the more grace the priest will have in the eyes of his god. In the
practice of wizardry a "wizard" calls upon his own life-force (or "mana") to power his arcane
incantations. Mana is based on of the wizard's innate power but may be increased through his
skill in wizardry .

The scope and sphere of these two magic's are different. Through the use of divine magic the
priest has access to powerful spells of protection, healing, and of slaying unholy creatures. (Note:
A "spell" is a common name referring to both prayers and incantations.). In contrast, wizardry is
more oriented towards the harnessing of elemental forces of creation, alteration and destruction.
There are two minor variants of wizardry : alchemy and rune magic, alchemy have already
been explain and rune magic will be explain in a forthcoming documentation.

Each form of magic is orthogonal to the other. In some no magic areas, the wizard is blocked
from accessing his store of mana, but the priest may operate his magic normally. Similarly, there
are unholy areas in which the priest loses his contact with his god and cannot cast magic; in
unholy areas the wizard is unhindered. Of course, no magic and unholy areas can sometimes

In addition, wizards have the handicap that if they are encumbered with 'stuff', they are less
effective at incantations. Heavy weapons and heavy armour are the main cause spell-failures.
Weapons and armour have no effect on the practice of divine magic but grace regenerates
slower than mana, and the amount of grace that a priest possesses helps to determine the
success of their prayers.

Learning Spells

Both types of spells may be learned by reading books. The overall chance of learning a spell uses
the following formula:

% chance to learn = (base chance + (2 * level))/1.5

The base chance that a prayer/incantation will be learnt is based on WIS/INT respectively.. If you
are attempting to learn a prayer, you would use your WIS stat to find the base chance. Likewise,
the level used in the formula is related to the type of spell. If you are attempting to learn an
incantation, the value of level to use is your wizardry experience (and you use the praying
experience level for learning prayers. Once your chance to learn a spell exceeds 100%, you
always succeed in all attempts to learn spells.)

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very nice unix, very nice

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Yes, that's awesome.

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I can't imagine how many hours of work this took to plan out. It's a perfect system. Good, fantastic, work.