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Ghost Pirate
08-11-2002, 06:53 AM
I dunno I just think I should post this
-The Great Gods-
Grethuss - Great God of Light, Ruler of the Heavens
Demoor - Great God of Darkness, Ruler of Hell
Alaris - Leader of the Ancient Order, given Rule over Everlands

Shaiki - Great Mage, helped Alaris protect Heaven's Realm
Churak - Sworn protector of the Human Realm
Harlon - Last of the known Arch-Angels
-Defenders of the Light-
Galarin - Angelic Defender of the Human Realm, Believed incarnation of Shaiki
Heral - First Human Warrior to reach a Angelic state
Suldira - Human/Angelic Defender

-Demon Lords-
Chaian - First General of Demoor's army
Maentor - Great Demon, creator of the Dem Stones
Chur - Churak's dark incarnation, Sworn to destory the Human Realm
Bentor - Second General of Hell, Lead first major assault on the Human Realm
Ursol - Demon of a Hidden Dagger, Also gave Daerion the ability to steal souls
Fainah - Former warrior of light, captured by Demoor and turned to evil

-Lesser Demons-
Juric the Overseer - Master Slave Owner within Hell's Complexes
Nightstalker the Ruthless - Commander in Hell's Army
Lurcaen - Reaper of Souls
Death Grim - Reaper of Souls
DryBlood the Painful - Torture of Souls

-Netural Elementals-
Motaris - Creator of the Realm Gates
Fanar - Exiled from Heaven for stealing Grethuss' Staff and using it agaisnt him
Montiro - Guardian of the Realm Gates, and carrier of the Motaris Dem Stone
Tkalo - Great lightsmither, created the Cystaline Sword which was later taken by Daerion

-Shadow Demons-
Daerion- Used Ancient runes to overpower Demoor, later exiled from Hell
Skuic - General of the exiled Daerion..He awaits his return to Hell
Eyirn - Master Shadow Mage in Daerion's forces


08-11-2002, 07:21 AM
Fanar sounds good XD