View Full Version : Starting Island Help Map

08-06-2002, 09:18 PM
Here is a help map for you peoples :]
1 - When you start it is a good choice to save here so you don't die and have to re-roll your stats again.
2 - Here is the blacksmith, after receiving minerals come here. In this blacksmith you can create pliers, lumber axe, scythe, watering can, dagger and iron blades.
3 - Mining. Come in here and a Miner will give you a pick axe, start mining some rocks. Get a lot, about 8-9 gold, 10 iron 6-7 coal and if you are lucky 1 diamond.
4 - View #2. In this town there is a bell, hit it 3 times to goto main island. Aswell as a bell there is a bread bakery and a windmill.
5 - Here is the shield crafting place, come here to make 3 basic shields.
6 - Another town with a bell in it. It also has a windmill such as #4. If you have corn take it here and you can get flour to make bread and etc.
7 - This place is where you make skies and BREAD STACK :] There is also a bakery here as well.