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08-04-2002, 01:02 AM
I have simply had enough of graal, I probably ODed for that matter. I simply do not find it fun anymore. 2k1 is merely a world of hats, bomys, houses, and idiots that annoy you with PMs asking you to buy/sell the 3 above items. 2k2 is a cesspool of PKing. I know some find it fun, but the fun disappears after someone kills you right after you level up and have to go back and do it all over again.

I know that some people think "Oh he'll be back in a week or so."
This is not the case. I am giving away my account on UN after I post this. Since my family is trying to avoid using a credit card, I will not be getting another one any time soon.

*Walks out of the gates of hell*

08-04-2002, 01:06 AM
New week, new name ;)

08-04-2002, 01:06 AM
PKers leave me alone because my regen rate is way way high :D