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08-01-2002, 11:40 AM
Alright! its not that i dont think unixmad is a good guy or anything but the current system, well its retarded. Admins are not able to change, or add ANYTHING. the whole server including npcs are COMPLETELY hard-coded. For those of you who are among the lesser half, hard coded means that its STUCK in the game and cannot be changed by normal admins. An example would be the pm/profile system. Admins cant change that. its IN graal's coding. The downside to most npcs being hard coded is that admins cannot script new things. its all through unix. -EVERYONE HAS AN IDEA! BUT IT CANT BE MADE BECAUSE ADMINS CANT MAKE THEM! DO NOT COMPLAIN TO THE ADMINS!-
With all of that off my shoulder i had a few ideas...

Alchemists should be the people who make bombs, gunpowder. I dont wanna see any plaster "2k1" bombs but more like barrels fulla gunpowder and a fuse, either that or a trail of gunpowder lit by a torch which burns into the barel (which lays on its side)
Cauldrons should soon come free for each alchemist, so i have a few ideas as far as potions go.
Transfigurement!- basically, it would turn your body into different things, give you a tail, wings, or stronger potions could turn you into a whole different species. Each potion bottle would come with two gulps amount of liquid. heres where the fun begins.
One swig, does its work. turns you into whatever, the next turns you back, with the smaller body part potions, you can mix them, become a scary demon. whatever. BUT you would be able to give the bottle away to somone with one swig in it and for them it would still change them. to change back they would have to drink a cure potion.


08-01-2002, 11:41 AM
Ok, this is the 3rd time you've done this.
*Moves this to 2002 Suggestions*.
My forum is for stuff that's up, your ideas are good, they are also suggestions so that's why I am moving it.