View Full Version : if (onwater) help needed

05-24-2001, 04:20 AM
I'm working on a script that if a player is "onwater" it acts like they're on grass...

would it be

if (onwater){

if not all I know is that it should involve players "walking" on water and crap.

05-24-2001, 05:35 AM
onwater isnt like it sets the animation to it ..

(might be buggy just posted it here , not tested)

this wont 'act' like its on grass but it looks like ur on grass.

//1.5 to x and 1.5 to y to check if player is on in the water
if (onwater(playerx+1.5,playery+1.5)) {
//check to see if player is moving
if (keydown(0)||keydown(1)||keydown(2)||keydown(3)) {
//if so make him the walk gani
if (!strequals(#m,walk)) { setani walk,; }
//else idle gani
else { if (!strequals(#m,idle)) { setani idle,; } }

05-24-2001, 06:02 AM
I'll try that when I redownload graal when I get my hard drive..maybe a 400 gig one..

05-25-2001, 04:45 PM
is there anyway to make people get hit in water???