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07-26-2002, 04:14 AM
As I passed on through time on Graal 2002 I have come to realise. It is the best RPing Environment! Unlike 2001, where the only thing to keep RPing going are wars, here a simple survival is a huge task. Task which is hard for 1 but might be easy for a Group Of People (As soon as I find our where Bread Stack is). That is what forces me to crea this thread. Simple Survival.

This is the first problem we meet on ANY Game, which supports PKing. Players with better armour, weapons and characteristcs, slashing their swords through our flesh, just as we take our first step. There is just one thing I can recomend on this: RUN! You can not allow Players to kill you and take something very important from you, your starting characteristics.

Then it hits you, no matter what you do, or where you go, that bar keeps decreasing. So in order for it to make stop, you must start working. Start by getting an Axe in the Mines, up north. Then mine some iron, coal and gold. Get enough of it, around 20 of each. Go North-East to a far away village. Nobody ever comes there, scince it's too far away, but for a starting player it's a perfect place! Now here go inside the Blacksmith, I hope you have basic knowledge of what to do here. Anyhow, you must produce Pliers and then use them to produce watering can, and other supplies. This Can is your way out of starvation! Now go outside. Despite the fact that people think that watering buckets and wll give alot of water, it's not true. The shore gives most water. So go to closest one, and start filling can. You'll need around 180 bottles (You'll fill in 900 Hunger, each bottle is 5 Hunger).

Getting Weapons:
After you are away from everything and everyone, and you have A LOT of Gold, Iron and Coal and if you are lucky enough to have diamond, it's time to do weapons!
First thing is first, DON'T GIVE AWAY DIAMOND OR ANYTHING. That is if you have one. Go back to the Blacksmith about which I talked earlier and start getting blades. 5-10 will be enough for now. Now go to far West, there should be a Samurai Island there. Find a black smith, and get 5-10 plates here, You can also make a shield if you wish. Now get yourself to main island, walk North-West and you'll be getting to Harmonia. Find a black smith, and go inside. Touch every 4 of anvils and choose any weapon you wish (I go with Long Weapon... forgot the name x.X, it has a good spinning move, that saved me not 1 time... but many more times).

Now that you have equipment, get outside, and start fighting monsters! I recommend fighting potato's and pink mushrooms, since they seem to drop stuff the most. Also if you are fighting just 1 creature, and have a short weapon, run around it in circles hitting from different sides, you have a low chance of getting hit, if you are using long weapon however, just hit it 2 times, then retreat back, and hit from your new position.

That is all for now. Thank you for reading.

07-26-2002, 04:58 AM
Nice guide, good work.