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Each player interacts with Graal2002 world through the persona of a character. In turn, the interaction between the character and the game world is mediated by the "attributes" of the character.

In Graal2002 we chose to parameterize the acceptable limits of player behavior via the values of the character attributes which, in turn, help to determine the success of any action taken by the player. There are no limits on what you can attempt to do with your character; rather, the attributes of a character indicate the certain "natural" talents and inclinations. Three concepts which are relevant to Graal2002 character attributes are "stats," "class" and "race."

Character Stats

Character statistics can be divided into two types: primary and secondary.

Secondary stats are calculated from a number of things including the primary stats. But the reverse isn't true, secondary stats never have any influence on the primary stats. In playing the game, the player may find that either of these kinds of stats may be changed for better or worse. In general, the primary stats change much less often than the secondary stats. Equipment, magic, and death are just three examples of the many things which can alter the values of the character stats. The current values of both the primary and secondary stats may be viewed in the stat window. Four important secondary stats - food, grace, hitpoints and mana also appear again in the stat-bar window.

Primary stats

The seven primary stats are:

* Strength ("STR") - a measure of the physical strength. Can affect damage and how much can be carried without losing speed. Also affects how often the character can attack.

* Dexterity ("DEX") -measures physical agility. Helps the character avoid being hit. Affects the Armour Class and the speed

* Constitution ("CON") - measures physical health and toughness. Affects the maximum Hit Points.

* Intelligence ("INT") - measures ability to learn skills and incantations (both prayers and magic.)

* Wisdom ("WIS") - measures the ability to learn/use divine magic. Affects Maximum Grace.

* Power ("POW") - measures magical potential. Affects the maximum Spell Points and Grace gained per level.

* Charisma ("CHA") - measures social and leadership abilities. Affects the prices when buying and selling items

Primary stats have a "natural" range between 0 and ~20. The actual upper limit on each primary stat is set by the chosen character race ( In graal2002 you can only play human right now) You can raise your primary stats by drinking potions up to your race natural limit.

There are plenty of items which give you bonuses to your stats even beyond your race limit - swords, armour and rings to name the most important. You can also read scrolls or cast spells (incantations or prayers) to temporarily raise your stats. The ultimate maximum value is 30, and the player class doesn't matter here.

Secondary stats

The secondary stats are :

* score - The total accumulated experience of the character. score is increased as a reward for appropriate player action and may decrease as a result of a magical attack or character death The score starts at a value of 0.

* level - A rating of overall ability whose value is determined from the score. As the level of the character increases, the character becomes able to succeed at more difficult tasks. A character's level starts at a value of 0 and may range up beyond 100. The value of the stat which appears in the stat window is sometimes known as the overall level.

* hit points ("Hp") - Measures of how much damage the player can take before dying. Hit points are determined from the player level and are influenced by the value of the character CON Hp value may range between 1 to beyond 500 and higher values indicate a greater ability to withstand punishment.

* mana ("Sp") - Measures of how much "fuel''' the player has for casting incantations. Mana is calculated from the character level and the value of the character POW. Mana values can range between 1 to beyond 500. Higher values indicate greater amounts of mana.

* grace("Gr") - How favored the character is by the gods. In game terms, how much divine magic a character can cast. Character level, WIS and POW effect what the value of grace is. During play, grace values may exceed the character maximum; grace can take on large positive and negative values. Positive values indicate favor by the gods.

* weapon class ("Wc") - How skilled the characters melee/missile attack is. Lower values indicate a more potent, skilled attack. Current weapon, user level and STR are some things which effect the value of Wc. The value of Wc may range between 25 and -72.

* damage ("Dam") - How much damage a melee/missile attack by the character will inflict. Higher values indicate a greater amount of damage will be inflicted with each attack.

* armour class ("Ac") - How protected the character is from being hit by any attack. Lower values are better. Ac is modified by the DEX and current armour worn. For characters that cannot wear armour, Ac improves as their level increases

* armour ("Arm") - How much damage will be subtracted from successful hits made upon the character. This value ranges between 0 to 99%. Current armour worn primarily determines Arm value.

* speed - How fast the player may move. The value of speed may range between nearly 0 ("very slow'') to higher than 5 ("lightning fast''). Base speed is determined from the DEX and modified downward proportionally by the amount of weight carried which exceeds the Max Carry limit. The armour worn also sets the upper limit on speed.

* weapon speed . This quantity is how many attacks the player may make per unit of time. Higher values indicate faster attack speed . Current weapon and user DEX effect the value of weapon speed.

* food - How full the character's stomach is. Ranges between 0 (starving) and 999 (satiated). At a value of 0 the character begins to die. Some magic can speed up or slow down the character digestion. Healing wounds will speed up digestion too.

* partial resistance ("PR") - How much damage will be subtracted from successful hits made upon the character by the listed attacktype. For non damaging attacktypes, the resistance value affects saving throw and reduces duration. Higher values are better.

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Wow, sounds like you really thought these things out. What about charm?

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Very nicely thought out.
Glad you posted that.
Filled a few gaps with some stuff. :)

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Charm is charisma, I think.

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Originally posted by unixmad
Lower values are better.

Shouldn't higher values be better, and lower values worse?

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unixmad you have this planned out very well. Now that I have seen what this is about I wouldnt mid this on the Gameboy advanced version of graal. But back to the topic.
With or cracterisitics prediefined when we picked them, will the NPCs (character NPCs, like the Foretser Willi) react different to us or every player, like if there strangth is week he may say something different or give out a different item, or if we are strong he will say something good or bad and give us a better item?

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I'm very impressed.

And how are "lower values" be better?

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Nice Documention. :)

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i'm not that impressed. it's straight off a MUD. ;P

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if it came off of mud it sure is clean:cool:

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Originally posted by MalakSylv
i'm not that impressed. it's straight off a MUD. ;P

Yeah. But, 2k2 is supposed to be a graphical MUD. (I think)

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I would personally like to see some penalties for people who go around pking. Like NPCs attacking or at least choosing not to socialize with people who have killed a whole lot in a given amount of time.

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Originally posted by VampiricTutorNewHD
I would personally like to see some penalties for people who go around pking. Like NPCs attacking or at least choosing not to socialize with people who have killed a whole lot in a given amount of time.

that would be cool we could stand around laughing and pkers running around beging chaced by a npc

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blarg yeah so when you PK or steal, (i am a thief :P) tehre are guards that will chase your ass around and crap XD except like they won't remember you after like an hour and it is only per town so you can kill someone in a town and then go to a diffrent town and they won't knwo :O except it should be like 1 hour for stealina nd 2 for killing XD

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Ok this may be a tad bit off topic but why... Why in the bluest of blue hells is my nickname in your signature?