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07-25-2002, 04:47 AM
The rules of this forum are simple. No spamming such as "ROFL, :), lol, cool" or anything of that type.
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Abide by the rules and everything will be fine, do not, and your posts will be deleted. Have a nice day and visit this forum often to see new information about Graal 2002.

Also, no posts saying "Yea I haven't found that yet" or anything of the sort. Only information will be provided on this forum. This concludes the rule portion of this forum, now onto the information.
Any threads that mention what I have written here will also be
deleted. I mad this sticky so that you can read everything at once
not spam up the forum with information that is listed here.

When you start Graal2002 you must choose your class, kingdom and you must roll your stats. Your class determines what items you start off with and if you can use magic and weapons or not. Then you are helped by an old man out of the sand. From here you can explore as you wish. You cannot get the red bandana anymore and things here are slightly different then before. The first thing you should do is mine. Look at the minimap for the mining pick axe and follow it, north of Palmaloma. Once inside talk to the Miner to receive the Pick Axe. Start mining away on some rocks until you get some iron (roughly about 4-5) and some gold, and some coal as well (to start the fire).

After you have these minerals, head back to the pub, and enter the door on the right which is the crafting place. To open doors press A on them. Now that you have entered, go up to the craft machine, press A on it (make sure you have coal on hand) and it will start the fire. Then press A on it again and it will put the iron on it. When your iron is getting heated, take 2 iron and bring it to the blue anvil. On the blue anvil, press A, pick pliers then click the crafting icon. This will craft you a new pair of pliers so that you can pick up the heated iron. Toggle your Q-Menu by click yourself, then to equip the pliers double click it. When your iron is red, press S to lift it off the heater, bring it over to the barrel filled with water and press 'S'.

Be careful, sometimes it may get too wet. When it is finally purple, you know you have watered it enough. Bring the purple iron to a black anvil and press 'S'. Select which item you want to make and then click the crafting icon to craft it. Repeat this process until you have an Axe or a Shovel or a weapon if you would like to gain experience and kill monsters on the main island. Now, if you have chosen to plant trees. Take your new shovel and dig on some grass. Eventually, you will receieve tree seeds. Take the seed, use shovel on the ground 2 times and place the seed on the ground, then double click it so it starts growing. Once done, take your axe and chop the tree down. Pick up the log after your tree has been chopped down.

Take your logs to the mill northwest of Palmaloma (the starting town). At the mill, place your log down on the left side of it and watch it go through the machine. On the other side, you will now have wood. Now to get to the main island, go northeast of mining, there you will find a bell. Hit the bell 3 times and you will now be in a town, on the main island. Head a little bit northwest
and you will find a sword shop in the town of Harmonia. Here you can craft various weapons. Diamond Blade, Fire Sword, Jade Blade, and other weapons can be crafted. As well as Black Dagger and Short Sword.

Different minerals are needed to make these weapons. The diamond blade requires 2 gold and 1 diamond while other swords require other different minerals. Once done making your new weapon, head west and you will stumble upon a race track. From there, keep going west and you will find the town of Hirathia. Be careful trying to reach Hirathia or anywhere on Graal 2002, various monsters roam the land. Although killing them may be helpful since some drop food that either heals you or replenishes your green hunger bar in the top right corner.

In this town there is a clothes shop and if you follow the stairs down to the basement, you will find 2 blue anvils. One will let you create boots and a shiny shield, the other will let you create 3 different kind of boots as well and 3 new shields too. You will need shield plates to craft them though. In this town you will also find a shop. Drop an item to sell it for some gold, platinum or silver coins. Items are expensive though so you might want to save up to buy something. From this town head southwest. While encountering different monsters you will eventually reach the town of Tinarthia. In this town you will be able to make helmets depending on what minerals you have. Now explore Graal 2002, join parties, and if you don't feel happy with your character, say 'restart' to advance to the class and kingdom selection screen. Have fun!

Many factors affect your character, such as how fast you swing your weapon, or how much health you have. As you gain levels your health will increase (if you increase your physique) and when other skills increase, the appropriate statistic, increases as well.

The green bar in the top right corner indicates how much food you have left. When this bar reaches 0, you slowly start to lose health and then you die. To save, find a house, get in the bed and say '/save'. When you die, whether it be from a monster or another player, you lose experience as well as some stats. Make sure not to die to often or your maximum health (the red bar in the top right corner) will start to decrease and you don't want that to happen, do you?

The purple bar in the top right corner shows your mana or your magic points. The purple and red bar regenerate over time while the green bar goes down.

The blue bar indicates grace. It is for priests only. If grace is negative, Gods dislike you, if they are positive numbers, they are in your favor.

If you are in a party and would like to send a message say '/party say messagehere' and only members of your party will receive the message.

If you would like to join up with other players in a party say
'/party form partynamehere'. Remember all you just did was make the party now you must join it and to join say '/party join partynamerhere'. A party has many advantages. Also when you are in a party it is difficult to hit other members so ganging up on monsters is easy due to the fact that you cannot hurt your party members :)