View Full Version : 2k2 and stuff

07-13-2002, 05:35 PM
I would like to say that I think 2k2 is boring, and that you should work harder on 2k1 and getting the guilds working again. Graal is no fun without my guild tag.. I would rather have guilds working again than 2k2 working. And 2k1 isnt even fun anymore, there are 2 quests and thats it, what is there to keep you playing? Im just going to stay at Delteria where there are actually people who are cool.

And im disapointed that nobody would tell me how to use Adobe Photoshop, and now it is deleted and I cant even find it again.. And Mr. Glub Glub said he would make me some things (or 'k' as he calls it) and he hasn't sent me anything or even said his progress on anything.. Man! Im so stressed, but I didnt find a g/f so its all good :cool: