View Full Version : GSF is back

07-11-2002, 11:39 PM
GSF is back and hopefully it will stay alive longer in its second season. The other referees and I are trying to keep the spars going daily like making a champ put up his title atleast once a day and maybe more people will try for it. We had a big crowd for bomys though after we said we would morph you. =X

07-13-2002, 10:25 AM
good lord... can't we have some nice events that don't involve sparring? or are ets too dumb to think of something fun and too forgetfull to rember the fun events, like races, egg hunts, soccar, etc...

07-13-2002, 11:42 AM
GSF is run by the coperation not events team members k

07-13-2002, 12:14 PM
If I could rate you I'd give youa zero.zero right now, MR. Gannondorf.